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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Ovan Marekal


Jedi Apprentice Ovan Marekal was one of the many minor characters that I peppered into EFP. I only gave him a name, however, and he owes his appearence to one of our artists, Mark Anthony. He was originally intended to just give a face to the Jedi on Kharam, but wound up playing a sizable role in the climactic battle. In my original treatment there was also a land battle taking place on the snowplains outside of the Jedi Temple. Coaltion Troopers, armed with flamethrowers melted the ice sheet the Jedi were standing on and it slid off of the cliff into the canyon - and the swoop battle tkaing place within) Ovan, however, manages to aim his fall onto an incoming Coaltion Fighter, and the story continued from there.


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