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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Lt. O'Brien in Dress Uniform


Took a long time, but here it is - my first Star Trek figure custom. I wasn't even planning on making any, but back in '93 Deep Space Nine premired and I decided to get all the figures from that series. I got the first wave all right, and most of the second in '94, but after that the new waves became impossible to find and hey, it was 1995 and Star Wars figures had just been released so my income found a new place to go. I never got around to getting the newer DS9 figures, but recently I figured I finally go ge the ones I missed. In one of the lots I won there were two O'Brien in Dress Uniforms and so I decided to customize one of them. In the first season of The Next Generation Lt. O'Brien (he wasn't an ensign or then chief until later) had a red uniform, so I decided to make his dress uniform from then. In the first seasons the dress uniforms had gold that ran all the way down the uniform so I added that and colored him red. I don't know if O'Brien ever did actually wear this on screen, but my options were somewhat limited.


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