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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Master Grau Talja


Master Talja started out as a Jedi archeologist. Oh yeah - and she was male. For some reason when I was coming up with some backstory I thought Talja was a woman and concocted this whole big backstory where she and Drekka were married once, and really wanted children, but then lost thier first two children, and then finally had Thenna and Talja coudln't deal with it emotionally and left to join the Jedi and b ythe time it was pointed out that Talja was a guy the story fit together so well that Talja remained the way she is today. Talja's figure is actually a rehash of my Depa Billaba figure, which went to the spare parts bin after Hasbro's version. It was nice to be able to recycle her, but the brown ink is starting to peak through the grey paint already.


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