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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Master Dal-Kon Tarrow


Master Dal-Kon, the four-armed, three saber-wielding Jedi Master, was intended to more or less be the Mace Windu of the VS. It's been speculated that we'll see him in action at some point down the line, but beyond that I can't comment. At first he was just a human with four arms, but gradually became more exotic looking, while still maintaing a humanoid face. Unfortunatly one of our image folders was deleted and so I don't know how much of his artwork survived. This is was I remember him looking like at the latest stage of his development, though I'd've perfered if he looked even more alien than this - enough so that I wouldn't've been able to make him as a figure :) His lower arms were originally going to be from a Jedi figure at some sort, but I needed to use the smaller arms of a Han Cantina figure in order for them to fit under his top arms. His head is a Xizor face with Qui-Gon hair glued to the back.


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