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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Supreme Chancellor Leia Organa-Solo


I had hoped from a more unique figure for Chancellor Organa-Solo, but wound up just painting on a close approximation of her outfit. In retrospect, her hair should probably be grey- she is over 60 by now - but maybe she's dying it. Leia and Luke, much like Ani and Obi, were given smaller roles in their 2nd trilogy in order to make way for the next generation. Leia also caused one of the only slight miffs with the EU. While the 1st version of the VS totally ignored the EU, this time around it was decided that we wouldn't try to contradict what had been established. We wouldn't try to include any of it unless absolutley needed - like Ben and Mara - but would try not to go against it either. Coruscant wound up being a big issue, due to what happened to it in the NJO, but as this is 16 years later it's feasible that the Senate building and surronding cityscape were rebuilt. Leia herself decides to leave politics for good at the end of NJO, only it didn't end until after we wrote the script. It was decided that since Leia had said that before, it was plausible that she'd changed her mind yet again.

UPDATED - I went back and gave Leia her gray hair after all.


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