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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Princess Kneesa


In the cartoon series Princess Kneesa - daughter of Chief Chirpa, and Wicket's eventual wife - was a grey Ewok with a pink hood. Teebo was a brown Ewok with a yellow hat. Logray was a grey Ewok with a long beard and a blue coat. My point is that nothing matches up. I decided to name this Ewok Kneesa because of the grey fur, and because she (how to figure out gender among Ewoks is still unknown) can't be seen anywhere but at the end celebration, and given Kneesa's promiant role as damsel in distress, I figured she wouldn't be one of the ones killing Imperials. I have no ref pic of her, but she's the Ewok who can be seen doing a cartwheel at the end of RotJ.


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