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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




I don't know why I've waited so long to make this. When I was little I noticed that there was a 2nd 3P0 unit at the Hoth base. None of my friends ever believed me until over a decade and a half later, when Decipher made him into a card. I went to make hiim white, and I heard that nail polish remover with acetone removed the chrome of his body, but after using up a quite a bit of my girlfreind's, I noticed the label that said "Acetone Free." It's better for your nails I was then told. Anyway, I then decided to just put of heavy coats of white paint (the white paint marker I have has VERY runny paint.) 5 or 6 coats later I dug the paint out from the eyes so they'd still be golden, and then added the red dots. The midsection is also white with silver wires. I've seen the battle damamged version of this figure from the movie, but did the clean one. I think i may buy a 2nd Stormtrooper (once they actually become available) and razor off the the color change section and glue it to this figure.


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