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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Jodo Kast (Bounty Hunter)

(from Twin Engines of Destruction)

My 1000th Custom Figure!


Took me five years, but here it is - my 1000th custom figure. This is the only milestone figure that I've planned for way in advance. Though I virtually never do resculpts of a figure, I decided that I'd re-do my first custom. Now, I can't actually remember what my first custom was - it was either Jodo Kast, or one of the six extra figures that I bought in order to get UPCs to send away for the Mace Windu Preview figure. Of those, Armless Ponda Boba has already been made, ASP-7 is barely a custom at all, Arleil Schous and The Weequay Skiffmaster are both made from figures that have yet to be resculpted, and Kirtan Loor and Major Skywalker don't technicaly appear anywhere in the Star Wars universe. I'm pretty positive it was Jodo Kast in the first place, anyway. From there I thought maybe I'd do an all silver - pointless for Jodo, really, as it could just be Boba Fett - or gold, but decided that the custom should really be all out, and not just a one color repaint. I based Jodo's appearence on his Decipher CCG card, but used Twin Engines for the detailing. I didn't go too nuts however, since otherwise the entire figure would be silver :) For weaponry I gave him both his sawed-off rifle from the CCG card and his modified Stormtrooper rifle from the comic. Lastly I gave him the fire blast from the Saga Boba Fett, even though it doesn't really fit into the jetpack's thrusters. Still, he stands up on it prettywell. This is going to be my last milestone figure for awhile - see you at 1500!


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