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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Jango Fett (Apartment)


Never has such a simple custom become such a disaster. Back in February of 2003 (yes I said 2003) I started Jango in his pajamas. Jango head, Lando body, Labria skirt. Simple, no? To begin - Lando's body split very badly into 3 parts. The angle I scanned him at sort of hides how bad it is - ubt you can still see the warped plastic. From the front he has a big black Y on his chest. Then my light blue marker died on me, and the brand I like was discontinued and I went home empty handed. The stores around me seemed to only carry mettalic blue for some reason. Finally I found a good color and got him scanned in around April 2004. Then I didn't have time to update because I had to finsih up Episode VII of the Virtual Sequels. It's now early June that I'm typing this, and it might even be July that this'll be posted!


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