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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Drekka Montorra


Poor Drekka is probably about the closest the SW Universe has come to having an average working joe. Sure Han worked for a living, but he was always out having smuggling adventures. Not Drekka, though. An actual cargo runner with a daughter to care for, he's much to busy making ends meet. Well, that and smuggling weapons to the native Del-Andues on Townowi. Many people were saddened by Drekka's demise, wanting us to kill Talja instead. To me that says we did our job well, and people really felt for him, and his sacrifice - after all, no one wanted Obi-Wan to die in ANH either ;) Many people felt that Luke would actually be the mentor who died in EFP, but Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's deaths were what pushed Anakin and Luke into thier own, and Drekka's death did the same for Thenna. Besides, with Luke taken, Drekka wound up being the mentor for not only Thenna, but the Jedi boys as well - though of course much more begrudgingly. Drekka's jumpsuit was originally red, but since that's the Coaltion's signature color, it was changed to dark blue.


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