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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs




As I'm sure I've mentioned several times before, none of the Ewok fur colors or headgear in the Ewok cartoon series matches up with any of the live action Ewoks, with the exception of Wicket in season one. Because of this I prettymuch assigned names from that series at random to the unnamed Ewoks from RotJ. Asha here, is a slight exception. Not only was she an important character in the cartoon - a great hunter as well as Princess Knessa's long lost sister - but she also looked like she had normal Ewok colors (by normal I mean nothing bright and cartoony - she had brown fur and a light tan hood) Because of that I decided that since this Ewok also had the same colors I would match up the cartoon name. And believe me - this whole decision looks a lot more complicated spelled out here. The actual though was more like - "Brown and Tan, like Asha. Done."


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