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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Lt. Rya Kirsh (Bravo 4)


At first this was gonne be Ric Olie with Coat (since we won't be seeing that anytime soon) but since I needed his head for another project, I decided to use Han's head (since it's his trench coat anyway) and added a beard making Bravo 4, or Kale Porkins accoring to Red 6, but they have an unhealthy obsession with Jek Porkins so I take it with a grain of salt. Love the site btw! Bravo 4 was played by John Knoll of ILM, making this my second cameo custom.

UPDATED - Yeah, like I said, he's not a Porkins. The CCG has finally dubbed him with a name.

UPDATED AGAIN - I got a new orange marker that doesn't get sticky on the vinyl they use for the coats, so did a repaint. Now I don't have to keep him apart from the other figures.


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