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Sora Bulq


One more Mace = one more Jedi. Since all Weequay look the same, I head swaped. This one has a few differences though - I gave him gray hair, since he's a Jedi Master, and probably quite old, and since I slipped with my saw when cutting his original body open, he now has a scar over his eye. I made it reddish, though I don't know if the Weequay might have different color blood or not. Since the Mace hands are a different shade of brown than the Weequay I repainted his skin the same brown. Last but not least, as with the Mon Calamari Jedi I have no name for him, but luckily all Weequay have the same name, so I suppose his name is Weequay (unless he worships the Weequay Thunder God or something). Actually, I always did think that the Weequay Cult of the Magic Eight Ball thing was rather idiotic.

UPDATED - Well, looks like the rumors I heard were true - there was a Weequay Jedi in the Geonosian Arena. Not only that but he survives! No good shots yet, just the back of his head. While not exactly the same as my custom - no outer robe, brown braids on both sides of his head, and one blue saber (green in one shot though!) - it's close enough for me :)

UPDATED AGAIN - Finally, he has a name, thanks to the Official Site :)

YET ANOTHER UPDATE - Got a front shot!


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