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Ponda Boba (Obi-Wan's Bitch)


Another one of the figures I bought so I could get my Mace Windu. I cut his arm off a bit too high on the shoulder. Another one of my fun facts is that in the novel Dr. Evazan is killed, and in the the radio drama he's named Roofoo. I know, they're not Ponda Boba facts, but I got one of those too - Ponda had flippers in the movie, but when they filmed his arm on floor it was done by a different film unit, and an arm with a hand was used. West End Games made some big errors with this - truely Dr. Evazan is named Roofoo, and died, and Aqulishes should ONLY have flippers - but since West End is used a lot for reference for novelists the false info has been passed on. (Ain't I such a purist.)


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