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I had a second Wicket from the Leia Collection, and after realizing that repainting him so he has painted stitches like some versions was rather boring. I figured I needed another Ewok, so I figured on Paploo. By the way, I was only three when Jedi was released, so that being the case - I love Ewoks, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I hope they make another two pack at some point, (and that one of em's not Paploo). Anyway, I did a repaint, and am in the process of turning his spear into a bow and arrow. Some more of my trivia - Paploo is the Ewok who steals the speederbike, which was originally supposed to be Wicket, and was called Kieeco in the storyboards. The Ewok in the hang glider is Warok, and Lucas got the name Ewok, by switching around Wook-ie. Phew, ok I'm done.


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