Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Luke Skywalker (Imperial Major)

(from Children of the Jedi)


One more Mace induced custom - this one made from the other parts from Kirtan Loor While not actually in any movie, in the begining of A New Hope, Luke wanted to join the Acadamy. So what if Luke's Aunt and Uncle hadn't bought the droids and become crispy fried chicken? Well he would most likely have become a TIE Fighter pilot. Well, it's my opinion anyway, and it's my website, so :P

UPDATED - In Children of the Jedi Luke is captured and an Imperial Uniform is put on him. It's a grey uniform, not a black one, but I don't want to make a second Imperial Luke from the same parts, and I also don't want to alter this custom since it's one of my firsts.


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