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Oh I cheaed I cheated I CHEATED! Keoulkeech's hood bottom is not Hasbro made, but in fact is wall putty. I broke my own rules. Ok I'm over it. Keoulkeech is listed by Decipher as an Ewok Sentry, but I would disagree. If you look closely as Leia enters the Ewok Village to stop her friends from becoming Ewok chow, Teebo tries to stop her, along with 2 other Ewoks, one of whom is Keoulkeech, and both of whom have animal skulls on their heads just as Teebo has. Since Teebo is supposed to be the Ewok's greatest hunter, it would reason to me that Keoulkeech is also a hunter of some merit. I shoud write sourcebooks (that way I could get paid for having way too much time on my hands.)


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