Playmates Star Trek Customs


The Original Series

Ensign Chekov (from Mirror, Mirror)

Asylum Henchman (from Whom Gods Destroy)

Bele (from Let That Be Your Last Battlefield)

Admiral Kirk in Captain's Uniform (from Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

Captain Spock (from Wrath of Khan)

The Next Generation

Lt. O'Brien (from Encounter at Farpoint)

Lt. O'Brien in Dress Uniform

The Traveler (from Where No One Has Gone Before)

Q in Admiral's Uniform (from Hide and Q)

Lt. Yar (Dying from Skin of Evil)

Dr. Selar (from The Schizoid Man)

Pakled (from Samaritan Snare)

Guinan (from The Child)

Dr. Crusher in Dress Uniform

Commander Shelby (from The Best of Both Worlds)

Lt. Worf in Command Uniform (from Parallels)

Nurse LaForge (from Q-Squared)

Human-oid Data (from Q-Squared)

The Traveler (from Journey's End)

Data from the U.S.S. Pasteur (from All Good Things...)

Geordi LaForge in Classic Uniform

Commander Riker (from Generations)

EMH (from First Contact)

Commander Riker (from Insurrection)

Q in Grey Uniform (from I, Q)

Deep Space Nine

Lt. Sisko (from Catalyst of Sorrows)

Scotty in Deep Space Nine Uniform

Lt. Mills

Melting Odo (from The Forsaken)

Mirror Garak (from Crossover)

Overseer Odo (from Crossover)

Dr. Bashir (from Crossover)

Commander Sisko in Season 3 Uniform

Chief O'Brien in Season 3 Uniform

Lt. Dax in Season 3 Uniform

Dr. Bashir in Season 3 Uniform

Commander Sisko (from Second Skin)

Thomas Riker (from Defiant)

Karina (from Visonary)

Commander Sisko (from Through the Looking Glass)

Commander Sisko with Beard

Odo as Curzon (from Facets)

Ben Sisko (Promoted from The Advesary)

Captain Sisko in Dress Uniform (from Rejoined)

Dr. Bashir in Dress Uniform (from Rejoined)

Captain Sisko in Duty Uniform (from Homefront)

Admiral Leyton (from Homefront)

Cadet Nog (from Homefront)

Klingon Warrior Worf (from The Sons of Mogh)

Klingon Warrior Kurn (from The Sons of Mogh)

Rom (from Bar Association)

Rom in Bajoran Engineering Uniform

Odo in Medical Gown (from Broken Link)

Klingon Sisko in Medical Gown

Klingon Warrior Quark (from Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places)

Quark in Medical Gown (from The Ascent)

Captain Sisko in Season 5 Uniform
My 900th Figure!

Chief O'Brien in Season 5 Uniform

Lt. Com. Dax in Season 5 Uniform

Dr. Bashir in Season 5 Uniform

Sisko in Medical Gown (from Rapture)

Ensign Nog

Dr. Zimmerman (from Dr. Bashir, I Presume?)

Kay (from Far Beyond the Stars)

Gul Dukat, Possesed by the Pah-Wraiths (from Tears of the Prophets)

Skrain Dukat, Cult Leader (from Covenant)

Odo in Starfleet Uniform

Ambassador Worf (from The Left Hand of Destiny)

Morjod (from The Left Hand of Destiny)

Security Chief Ro (from Avatar)

Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane (from Avatar)

Commander Elias Vaughn (from Avatar)

Taranatar (from Avatar)

Dr. Loken (from Section 31: Abyss)

Loken's Jem Hadar (from Section 31: Abyss)

Gul Macet (from Gateways: Demons of Air and Darkness)


Lt. Carey in Dress Uniform

Kes (from Projections)

Lt. Mutant Paris

Lt. Barclay (from Lifeline)

Lt. Torres in Klingon Gear (from Barge of the Dead)


Captain Lizardman of the U.S.S. Extraparts

First Mate Sparepartius

Klingon Merchant

Vorgon in 29th Century Starfleet Uniform


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