Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Rann I-Kanu (from Invasion of Theed)

Dane (from Invasion of Theed)

NEW - G8-R3 (Comic from The Phantom Menace) - NEW

Rodian Pod Mechanic (from Episode 1: Amidala)

Jabba's Protocol Droid (from The Phantom Menace Game)

2-1B (Pod Race Spectator from The Phantom Menace Game)

Hunter-Seeker (from Starfighter)

Couruscant Taxi Driver Droid (from The Phantom Menace Game)

Coruscant Tours Receptionist Droid (from The Phantom Menace Game)

Plo Koon (Saber Master from Jedi Power Battles)

Lt. Typho

Sen-Udo Mal (from The Star Wars RPG Sourcebook)

Weasel's Trandoshan (from Outlander)

Sharad Hett (from Outlander)

Bib Fortuna (Majordomo from Outlander)

Rodian Slave Girl (from Outlander)

Dark Side Adept (from Invasion of Theed)

Mandalorian Cantidate (from Fett Club)

Quermian Mandalorian (from Fett Club)

Jay Jay Binks (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian Ewok (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 1 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 2 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 3 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 4 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 5 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 6 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 7 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 8 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 9 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 10 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 11 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 12 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 13 (from Fett Club)

Mandalorian 14 (from Fett Club)

Roz (from Bounty Hunter)

TC-D90 (from Bounty Hunter)

Republic R5 Unit (from Bounty Hunter)

Docking Bay R4 Unit (from Bounty Hunter)

Lanius Qel-Bertuk (from The Living Force)

MSF-2F (from The Living Force)

Ky Narec (from Hate and Fear)

The Dark Woman (Jedi Training from Emissaries to Malastare)

Ki-Adi Mundi (Malastare from Emissaries to Malastare)

Depa Billaba (Nar Shadda from Emissaries to Malastare)

Count Dooku's Protocol Droid (from Open Seasons)

Quinlan Vos (from Twilight)

Chom Frey Kaa (from Twilight)

Pol Secura (from Twilight)

Cousin Holmar (Ryloth from Twilight)

Yag Shushin (from Infinity's End)

Fersin (from Aurra Sing)

Hexprax (from Aurra Sing)

Aurra Sing (Bespin from Aurra Sing)

K-27 (from Kashyyyk in Flames)

Kai Justiss (from Kashyyyk in Flames)

Kai Justiss's R2 Unit (from Star Wars Gamer)

The Dark Woman (from The Hunt for Aurra Sing)

Peerce (from The Hunt for Aurra Sing)

Droideka (Talas from The Hunt for Aurra Sing)

Quinlan Vos (Kiffex from Darkness)

Tholme (from Darkness)

Volke Karrko (from Darkness)

Master Zao (from Darkness)

Kel Dor Sniper (from Alien Anthology)

Groola The Hutt (from Coruscant and the Core Worlds)

Calder Brya (from Coruscant and the Core Worlds)

Kal Skir'ata (from Republic Commando: Triple Zero)

Commander Tarkin (from Rogue Planet)

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (Jedi Temple from Jedi Quest)

Royal Coruscant Guard (from Jedi Quest)

Anakin Skywalker (Young Apprentice from Jedi Quest)

Duros Hoodlum (from Zam Wessel)

Rodian Scoundrel (from Zam Wesell)

Mitth'raw'nuruodo (from Outbound Flight)

Anakin Skywalker (Venqor from The Moment of Truth)

Chancellor Palpatine (Senate Assassination from Honor and Duty)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Kashir from A Jedi's Weapon)

Anakin Skywalker (Khamir from A Jedi's Weapon)

Mace Windu (Er'Stacia from Puzzle Peace)

Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Training)

Skysprite (Green from HoloNetNews)

Skysprite (Red from HoloNetNews)

Skysprite (Blue from HoloNet News)

HNN R5 Unit (from HoloNet News)

Coruscant Immigration Officer(from HoloNetNews)

Asation R2 Unit (from HoloNet News)

Adi Gallia (Pilot from Jedi Starfighter)

Astromech (Passenger Liner from Revenge of the Clone Menace)

Ur-Sema Du (from Unknown Soldier)

Tu'ala (from The Lesson)


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