Jedime's Po' Boy Bad Star Wars Rumors


Back in late May, after the release of The Phantom Menace, I went to some of the old sites I had visted during the long long wait for the movie to open. While many people scoffed at Lucas when he said 80% of the online rumors were rediculous, and even laughable, take a look at what I found to see how right he really was. Also keep in mind how many posts say it is DEFINATLY happening, and how many times they say correct things are wrong. I tried to put these in some sort of order (by subject) but there's a ton of them and a lot could go anywhere. Last but not least, I tried to keep commentary to a minimum, but where I felt I had to share I put my comments in italics below the post.

Character Rumors

"The rumors concerning the prequel on the net are starting to get absurd. I have been working on the CGI elements for the prequel for over a year and never once have I heard silly names for characters like Darth Maul, Sebulba, Jar Jar, etc. "Lucasfilm's secrecy tactics are working too well and now fans are creating wild rumors. Why couldn't they at least create character names that are halfway cool? "Liam Neeson is not Anakin's father. Alec Guinness does not supply narration for Episode 3. Samuel Jackson is not Boba Fett. Anthony Daniels is not the voice of 3PO in the first prequel and the aquatic environment is seen in Episode I, but is not like anything that has been described on the net. Oh, and there is no pod race as Knowles has reported on his site.
I think the source of this guy's anger is that no one clued him in on anything

The prequel names (Darth Maul, Jar Jar, etc.) by Harry Knowles are fake . . . Liam Neeson is not Anakin's father . . . and C3PO has a female voice in Episode 1
Some of them at least sound like they should be in the movie - Qui-Gon Jinn, Gungan, Sebulba. But c'mon - Jar Jar Binks? And Darth Sidious and Darth Maul?? Having new Dark Lords of the Sith begin their titles with 'Darth' is ok with us guys - but please, tell us their second names just ain't so!

NO, Liam Neeson is NOT Anakin's father. And 'Darth Maul'? What a stupid (and obviously fake) name. George has a much better imagination than you people give him credit for. Anakin is an only child, and his mother is a Skywalker, not his dead father.

Ain't It Cool reports that the villains for the film are named either Darth Sideous or Darth Maul. We pray that's not true.

Qui-Gon Jinn:

Liam Neeson's Jedi is named 'Montross'

One of our sources said that Neeson's character was named Talkron.

A 'Luke Skyhopper' reports that he heard Neeson's character's name was 'Bosh'

There is NO Bosh, OR Bonjok.

Harry Knowles says that his sources know who Liam Neeson's character is. They are saying it is a guy tentatively called 'BOSH'. Bosh is apparently the 'good version' of Vader who leads the Jedi Knights. Apparently he is a student of Yoda (Yoda has retired from fighting).

As previous releases from Lucasfilm have indicated, Neeson's Jedi will be slightly mysterious; according to the scooper's friend, the grip reported that this Jedi will infact teach Anakin "unethical" Jedi practices. "Since young Anakin is immature he doesn't know the difference between light and dark," the scooper writes. Then, mysteriously, Anakin's teacher abandons his young pupil, but before he departs he convinces Obi-Wan Kenobi to continue Anakin's schooling. "Anakin then notices a difference in OB1's teachings and immediately it starts to cause conflicting views about the force...further, we find out that Liam Neeson's character later becomes an advocate to Palpatine before he gains complete control.

We're told that Neeson's character will not be the mentor to Obi-Wan as Yoda was to Ben (which would end the questions that have already begun from Star Wars sages who point out that Kenobi trained under Yoda, not Neeson's character as the early press reports hinted at...) According to this scooper, Neeson's character is is a mature Jedi, who has a "shade of gray" perspective of the force. This "grey" ability is not to be confused with a Dark Jedi, but this would seperate Neeson's Jedi from other Jedi who walk in the Light Side.

This fellow's friend who works in the editorial department of Calendar has heard a rumor that may be a significant plot spoiler if it turns out to be accurate. According to the rumor, the new character Liam Neeson is slated to play will eventually become Emperor Palpatine by the close of Chapter Two.

A while back True Fan told us what this character's costume would look like, and the French Premiere photos proved him right. True Fan also told us that this character would have a shade of grey philosophy on the Force. That meaning he wouldn't view it from simply a Light versus Dark perspective. Qui-Gon, who we now know is Anakin's father will have a hand in causing the rift between Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Will it be a direct hand or an indirect hand? We don't know at this time.

Qui Gon-Jinn is Anakins STEPFATHER. Anakin's true father is dead, and Shmi moved from Coruscant to Tatooine to escape from his memory, as his best friend Qui Gon, takes care of her and her son.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

a British magazine has confirmed that the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi will be played by a younger Alec Guiness. Using a new CGI technique, an actor wears a special facial mask that allows the addition of a younger Guiness' face while still using the younger actors physique.
We all love this one.

"Short of him dying, Kenneth Branagh is a LOCK.. No ifs, ands or buts..."
I didn't know Kenneth Branagh died!

Obi-Wan will be played by an unknown 30ish British actor.

Remember - Lucas said Obi-Wan fights his clone in ep 2!
The Clone Rumor: Ever since The Empire Strikes Back there has been a rumor that Obi-Wan Kenobi was actually a clone of the original man, Ben Kenobi. One piece of evidence supporting this rumor is that Owen Lars has seems to have no love for the crazy old hermit that lives out in the Jundland Wastes. Of course, that could easily be explained in that Obi-Wan wants to train Luke in the ways of the Force and Owen will not take the chance of Obi-Wan ruining the child he raised as his own boy the way the Jedi ruined Luke's father. One could also say that Owen had no love for the Kenobi out in the Wastes because that Obi-Wan Kenobi was not his brother Ben, but a clone of him. We don't buy this rumor.
More support comes from the fact that George Lucas disallowed Tim Zahn from using an insane clone of Ben Kenobi in his book trilogy (the character was replaced by an insane clone of Jedi Jorus C'Boath). The only time Lucas doesn't allow authors to do things in when it will bust up continuity. Hmmm. We still don't buy this rumor.

Is Obi-Wan Kenobi the member of a noble family?: A while back someone on the AICN Forum reported that she had a friend in costume design who said that Obi-Wan will be wearing a blue band around his arm that denotes his royal birth.

Kenobi doesn't show up until halfway through the first film...

Queen Amidala/Padme:

She's a dark Queen, though. She MIGHT be under the influence of a Night Sister from Dathomir and 'Darth Maul'. It's up to just our four heroes to free her and her world from it's '..dark spell...',if she wanted to be 'saved' at all...
When will people learn that Lucas won't use anything from the books in his plots?

The young Queen's name will NOT be revealed to the public until May 1999.

An anonymous scooper tells us Portman's character is now being called 'Queen Zareil'

Thenna rules the planet with the aid of some sort of matriarchal council, a number of middle-aged women dressed in tunics much like Mon Mothma. At her court, a volley of alien ambassadors, nobles and representatives from all the galaxy. The Royal guards of Thenna are dressed in red robes very similar to the Emperor's royal guards in Jedi.

In Episode One, little Princess Padme is played by Madison Lloyd. She is Zareil's(a.k.a. 'the young Queen') younger sister. In Episode II, Padme is a young teen who falls in love with one of Anakin's friends, Owen Lars. In Episode III Princess Padme defies her royal heritage and marries Owen. Then Anakin turns to the Darkside, and Padme, Zareil, Owen must hide. Hence, Mrs.Beru Lars was once Princess Padme of Nabu.
Well, seems all the pieces fit...

And this scooper disagrees that the rumored Queen's first name, Thenna, could possibly be accurate. "Nashira was the name given by Michael P. Kube-McDowell in the recent Bantam Star Wars: Black Fleet Trilogy," the scooper writes. "It is important to note that all Star Wars background information used by Star Wars literary authors is queried and approved directly by George Lucas (he even comments and offers suggestions, as Timothy Zahn once verified), cementing that YES, the name of Luke & Leia's mother, AKA 'The Young Queen', is NASHIRA." Well, all we know is that Lucasfilm hasn't announced what her name is. If it turns out to be something other than Nashira, Lucasfilm would be running against the already-tight canon they've established existing between the movies and the other media projects.
They obviously didn't finish the book and learn that it was all a wild goose chase and that Nashira wasn't Luke's mom.

True Fan tells us that the one of the queen's costumes for Episode I will be similar to Princess Leia's white dress during the medal ceremony at the end of Episode IV, except that it will have a lower collar, and is blue in color with marble accents.

"The Queen is the ruler of a small world far from Coruscant. She does have an 'ageless', regal, white haired assistant.

"Natalie Portman will NOT play the young queen. The queen will be a Latina 14yr old in Ep.1! P.S:I've read some of the Queen's lines 'punched up' by Carrie.

Senator Palpatine

I seriously doubt that Senator Palpatine is a name for one of the characters. The reason for this is a previous scoop on your own page. Lucas has said that he doesn't want the identity of the future Emperor to be immediately obvious. If this is true, there is NO way he would name one of the Senators Palpatine...

Palpatine will not be called by that name until he turns to the Dark Side of the Force and he will be a young, attractive man before the effects of the Dark Side destroy his looks along with his soul. Palpatine will supposidely be someone who we liked in Episode I.

Ian McDiarmid will be playing a character called Palpatine, but that character will not turn out to be the Emperor... there will be another character, who we like, who is a relative of that character's who will actually turn out to be the Emperor.

Jar Jar:

My friend is currently working on the prequel at LucasDigital and she told me that the CG character that Ahmed Best is playing is Ben Kenobi's sidekick in the prequel. Best and Kenobi pilot a Corellian freighter, similar to the one that Chewie and Solo pilot in the original trilogy
Very trustworthy friend

Jar Jar' is apparently named 'Duras Din'. Some reports say 'Jar Jar' (Duras Din) has dreadlocks. They're not actually dreadlocks, but *airhoses* coming out of a life support system that is actually built into his physicality. I am told he is part of a race called the Da'Naga - who are similar to the Mon Calimari in that they are WATER BASED. They don't actually live in the water (have evolved out of it), but they are still very much TIED to the water. Hence the life-support in all Da'Naga.

Jar Jar is Zareil and Padme's bodygaurd

I also saw some other Gungans that had completely different ears... Wait! It just occured to me! Jar Jar is probably supposed to be "wild" (he says he was banished from the city), whereas the others are "domesticated"! Their ears are cut at shoulder length and they even have some sort of decorative edge on them - so they really look like a hood.
It's also worth noting that Boss Nass and other underwater city officials look completely different. Not only much fatter, but totally different, although they have some vague fish characteristics like Jar Jar. They also have completely different speaking patterns from Jar Jar. It seems very unlikely that they belong to the same race.

Jar Jar pilots a submarine through the core of the planet, and is seemingly clumsy, but his clumsiness always saves the characters. Imagine Jerry Lewis with the force.

Jar Jar does have at least one very dramatic scene that has an big impact on Anakin and your perceptions of events in the original trilogy. Jar Jar's comedy will make the scene hit home a lot more when you see it.

Ahmed Best plays a guy named 'Jo-Jo'

It seems the two guys that thought up the 'Jar Jar' the lizard boy rumour are getting huge kudos from the man himself


R2-D2 belongs to the Skywalker family.

R2-D2 is Qui-Gon's 'droid

Darth Maul:

Sith Lord, a Bothan Sith Lord is the main "action villain"

'Darth Maul', the name used by cast and crew on the set of the picture for one of the baddies is a code name for a Bothan. The scooper mentions that it will be established any Bothan giving way to the Dark Side is extremely unlikely...but this one does. Another unusual aspect of this Bothan is his reddish fur (Bothans are "somewhat like" humans with fur, the scooper describes.) Though he is a very unusual looking one,due to his reddish fur. (Bothans are somewhat like humans with fur.) It's because of the actions of 'Maul' the Bothans gave so much to recover the second Death Star plans: 'Maul' leads a direct assualt on the Jedi Knights, resulting in a precarious situation for the Republic that leads to 'Darth Sidious' (a codename for Senator Palpatine) gaining more control in the Senate. It all sounds great, and some of it plays well with what we already know far.

Look at the description of the 'Dark Jedi Panaka' fellow as submitted by the Episode I 'extra' on Sept.14: He mentions a large, face-obscuring black cloak and (this is key) a double-bladed lightsaber with an extra-long hilt. Now look at the 'desert duel' picture from that French magazine. Liam Neeson is battling a 'dark Jedi' who is wearing a cloak and wielding a lightsaber with an unusually long hilt. Could this be our man Panaka?
Um, no, it couldn't be

I know you may think it's a little far-fetched. But if Darth Maul is a dark jedi clone of Obi Wan it would set up Ep 2: the clone wars perfectly. It would also explain why the Pepsi can said Obi-Wan was being taunted by Darth Maul, and that it was something personal. Attached is a bit of photoshop trickery (thanks to Malcolm C) who superimposed Ewan/ObiWan on top of Darth Maul. See what you think. Have another look at the original. See how the light reflects down their right cheek? The same. See how both their right eyes is slightly lower than the left? Notice their mouth shapes and upper lips are the same? Notice their noses are similar, eye spacing etc? Maybe this is one of the revelations in EP 1 that Lucas hinted at.

Anakin Skywalker

A visitor to a web site tells of a reported article that claims a new Boba Fett action figure will come with a removable helmet revealing the features of Anakin Skywalker underneath.


C-3P0 is Zareil's golden protocall 'droid.

C-3PO belongs to Prince Bail Organa of Alderaan,a member of the Republic Senate. According to the scooper, Organa isn't a very important character in Episode 1.

It is a well known fact that C-3PO and R2-D2 will be seen in different forms in the prequels. A recent rumor on the subject has arisen from a reliable source. He told us that a rumor is going around Lucasfilm that C-3PO's other form will be that of a female-formed nanny droid. (!)
What do we think about this rumor? We could go either way, but consider this. Suppose 3-PO is the nanny of the Young Queen, Luke and Leia's mother. Suppose the droid follows her through her adventures. Then, after she marries Anakin, he turns to Vader, then she must hide the twins. Vader would know what the nanny droid looked like. So, in order to hide their identity, they change the form of the droid to a male-formed protocol droid that looks after Leia. Also consider that 3-PO was modeled after the female robot in Metropolis. I don't know if this is true or not, but it is definitely a possibility for the storyline. It could just be a take on 'DOT MATRIX' from Spaceballs! :)
What do I think about this rumor? Seems like no one knew where 3P0 was gonna show up

C-3P0 (according to canon SW history) was activated 112 years before Epiosde 4 on a droid factory world. He is working in the Senate as Mon Mothma's aide. The whole 'earlier form' is a ruse. Threepio will be more polished, and his mid section will be covered up, though.

Here's a report from Harry Knowles' spy. He tells us that there is an underwater battle in Episode 1. :
And as for C3PO - well, according to the "Imperial Droid" Anakin builds C3PO! The spy goes on to say that Qui-Gon (daddy) aka (Liam Neeson if you believe this spy) buys two droids off Jawas (sound familiar?). One is R2, and the other one is 3PO, but not as we know him! Oh no. There's a twist. He's just a lump of wires. That's what the "Imperial Droid" claims Lucas meant by "an earlier form of C3PO". He has no gold bits, no arms and just one leg. Anakin 'repairs' him, showing his great talent, and thus we have 3PO.
So close...

Today one of our sources confirmed what we've been hearing behind the scenes for a while - in the new movie, C-3PO is going to have a transparent exterior! You will be able to see through his outer shell and peek at his inner workings moving inside. Apparently they have a complicated robot puppet that will be used with some CGI. Word is they have nick-named it 'See Through See Threepio' as a joke. Anyway, Anthony Daniels will only be doing the voice of 3PO and not the actions of the character.

Other Characters:

Nabu Royalty-
Princess/Queen Zareil Amidala, a.k.a. "the young Queen"
Queen Naberrie Amidala (Zareil's mother)
King Thennos Amidala (Zareil's father)
Princess Padme (Zareil's little sister)

Panaka is a bloodthristy, power hungry Nimoudian

General Holledack is the leader of the Nimoudian troops

There are nasty machines called Imperial Attack Droids, they are virtually identical to Phase1 Dark Troopers from the Dark Forces game. I hated those things, they killed me more than once.

This scooper's heard from a good authority that Brian Blessed will be playing the role of a Mandalorian Warrior

Someone else is pretty confident that Brian Blessed is playing a relative of Obi-Wan's, not a Mandalorian warrior as a previous scooper maintained. Also, this scooper reports that Adrian Dunbar is portraying the younger Tarkin.

a telephone interview with Brian Blessed revealed that he plays a character called 'Bosmos, King of the Gungans'

King Bos Nass is the leader of the Otah Gunga, aquatic human/dinosaur people.

Look for two female Twilek twins to help Anakin just before the pod race commences. Whatever it is that they do helps the young boy win the race.
Close, but not quite...

Also, they report that Terence Stamp may play Anakin's father.

Another rumor has actress Carol Channing portraying Moffina Delantreos, a whirling-dervish matriarch of House Delantreos, who controls the commercial aspects of the Old Republic.

We've been hearing rumors that Gregory Hines is being considered for a character to be seen throughout all three prequel films. One scooper, known as 'Tom', tells us he is "very close friends with Gregory Hines' agent" wrote us that his character is named 'A-90' and no, it's not a robot. The same person said filming begins in London in May, and that it was a small supporting role only, but the character is seen in all three films. Meanwhile, an anonymous fella says Hines will portray a relative of Lando Calrissian, and that his character is involved with the downfall of the Republic.
This rumor of Hines being a droid has persisted and is now an Episode 2 rumor

Will Adrian Dunbar play the young Governor Tarkin? According to this scooper, yes.
According to this webmaster, no.

"...also, look for Prince Xixor, head of the 'Black Sun' crime syndicate."
Look for him in Shadows maybe?

New Stormtrooper armor sighting?!? "They were shooting the Emperor's coronation at the Grand Palace in the city. Security was INCREDIBLE!!! No one was admitted even close to the set! Local Police and even the Italian Military Police (Carabinieri) were called in to keep people away! But...I did get a glance at the NEW STORMTROOPERS!!! Picture a cross between the Imperial Royal guard, a regular Stormtrooper and those red guys from the N64 Shadows of the Empire game."

Lucas will place Imperial Guards alongside the staircase, where the Emperor's coronation will take place. Their costumes are red and the extras chosen to play the guards are very slim in order to fit the costumes.
Hmm... what episode we talkin' here?

Races and Groups Rumors


the word is a derivation of gunga, as in gunga din, the 1892 rudyard kipling poem about an indian water boy who longs to be a british soldier. the poem, of course, was eventually developed into the 1939 George Stevens blockbuster movie of the same name. "coincidence? i think not. mark my words, when all is said and done, i guarantee lucas claims this as one of the foundations for his storyline, much like episode iv was based on kurosawa's work.
The term Gungan, we later found out, was what Lucas's youngest son called trucks

What is their tie to the water you ask? They are tied to the water because the Da'Naga are GENETICALLY ENGINEERING creatures that look a whole lot like the space-faring creature that had the little baby creature that thought the Enterprise was it's mommy in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation.' Yep . Seems those 'Gunga Subs' we've seen designs of aren't SUBS at all, but are actually genetically engineered lifeforms that are used for a variety of purposes. Not the least of which is ATTACK. Attack creatures, you ask? Well - think about the worms in 'Dune'. Think of 'Dune' as a partial inspiration for Star Wars. Then you get the idea.
Horrors! The Bongo is attacking me!


We're told that most definately the Mandalorian Super-Commandos are in the picture. Our spy got a quick look at the costumes and told us the Mandalorians wear multi-colored armor to distinguish their ranks among the order. Their main adversaries? None other than the Jedi Knights.

Parked neatly up against the back of the set is the FULL SCALE ship (already featured in officially released images) which, it has been speculated, is a Mandalorian Battle Tank! It's an awesome sight face to face. In profile, the detail is amazing - something which the official 'front' view foreshortens and doesn't really reveal. It looks like a reworking of the basic moulding and characteristics of Slave 1, which further endorses previous Mandalorian-associated rumours.
This would of course be the Federation's tank...

Yet another rumor from Harry Knowles. This one states that in the first film, we will meet a young, Han Solo like character that flies...yes, the MILLENIUM FALCON. As the film goes on, this likeable character takes a turn for the worst and becomes an enemy of the Jedi. In Chapter 2 he becomes a Mandalorian Warrior. He then dons the armor of Boba Fett!

Pod Racers:

Sebulba is a Wookiee that owns a cafe in Mos Espa (named for the President, Espa Valorum).
Is that what's under all that fur?

Valorum told us there was a character called Mawhonic in the Tatooine part of the film. Valorum adds that Mawhonic is a young hoodlum on the streets of Mos Espa, and a companion of the "bad guy" Sebulba.
Mawhonic is actually the first guy Sebulba KILLS in the pod race

The Jedi Council:

The character Mace Windu is actually a certain eight-year-old's father.
Looks like Shmi's got some explaning to do...

Mace Skywalker is Anakin's father.

"Okay, more info on Sam Jackson's role: he is in the film for about 3 minutes or so. He does play a jedi knight. He does say 'May the force be with you'. His character's last name is Calrissian. He is one of the first jedis to die in the film. "Don't believe me? How about this: In ESB Leia asks Han if they can trust Lando, and he says something like, 'No, but he has no love for the empire, that's for sure.' The reason is because the empire killed his father."

One person heard on a radio program that Samuel Jackson's small role is of a merchant selling droids and landspeeders on Tatooine.

Word on the street is that Plo Kloon is a bio-mechanical/cyborg member of the Jedi Council. Part man, part machine, all Jedi. ;) Word is that he is one bad dude! Folks close to the production are hailing him as the next "Boba Fett", meaning that he could easily become a cult icon just as everyone's favorite bounty hunter has.
At point or another, everyone was "the next Boba Fett" I think.

There is pink-colored member of Yoda's species, who is also a Jedi. He is larger than Yoda, is missing one eye, has droopy ears and wears a brown cloak. The character may be entirely CGI.
Looks like someone mixed up Even Piell with Yaddle, and I can sorta see why


A new source of info has surfaced named 'Mode'! We've checked Mode out and they seem to be legit. Even if they aren't (but we think they are), this seems like some interesting stuff:
"The designers at ILM have been working on final designs for MANY DIFFERENT Dark Sith Lords. Apparently the recurring theme is that of the Darth Vader-style helmet. They all seem to have the same curved helmet with different masks and space-suits/uniforms. There are 12 different designs for 12 distinctly different characters. These 12 sith lords might possibly correspond to the rumour about the 12 Yodas. From what my source has been able to tell, these 12 sith lords are kind of the guardians of the force. The "Supreme Court" of the Jedi, if you will. They act as a panel that regulates the Jedi and punishes dark Jedi. These Sith Lord costumes are merely uniforms; not mechanical prosthetics as in Vader's case." Hmmmmm. We thought that the Sith Lords were Dark Jedi who were a weird offshoot of the Jedi. Why would they be judges of the Jedi Knights? Still, it would make sense that Vader would be allowed to hunt the Jedi down if he were their judge, right? Is what we thought wrong or is the info warped? We will soon find out! Also, remember when we reported that they were making a LOT of Vader and Mandalorian costumes? Do these bits of info jive?

The mysterious Mode returns. In light of questions about the 'Sith Lords', we asked him to tell us more about this. Are they really Sith Lords? Here's his reply:
"I called them Sith lords because I just assumed that all characters in a Vader-like costume were Sith Lords. Think of the characters as "Master Samurai". What you were saying is true, that when a jedi reaches a certain level, he/SHE gets to wear the cool uniform. From what I have been told, the uniform is kind of like a jedi's supreme court robe. I was a little hasty in applying MY term to these judges. They have been called "The Council." I have another tasty bit of info for you all: One of the most powerful Jedi among the Council is a WOMAN!! I don't know her name, but she wears one of the Vader costumes."

Vehicle and Ship Rumors

March 24, 1996... Construction of a 'new' Millennium Falcon may have been already finished months ago. Apparently, the ship has been built on a 1:1 (one-to-one) scale - meaning true size, and over fifty feet in length. It apparently has working hydraulic leg rams, a voice activated ramp, and complete internal wiring and design features. The model has been used for the past two-three months in computer mapping for CGI work with ILM. The ship is scheduled (or has already been?) to be moved to a new British studio for principle photography around the end of the year.

The picture was a little more detailed and had a picture of what looked sort of like the Millenium Falcon (or a ship like it) and some guy with a goatee and fur vest standing in front of it holding a small gun.

Remember that weird half finished submarine shot - The clip was too brief to see the drawings but the camera crew obviously knew that they were onto a good thing and zoomed in on a completed vehicle model sitting on a workbench. It appeared to be the type of model used for digitising purposes (as in the 'full size' figures used in the making of Toy Story) as it seemed to be made of clay (no painted details) and too small for use in matte shots. The craft itself was a wingless cigar shaped body with two very large 747-Jumbo type engines toward the rear (one each side). "The documentary makers held the close up for a second or two, so there should be ample opportunity for someone with the right equipment to framegrab a shot (I've got the show but not the equipment). Following the appearance of the Coruscant design sketch in the Jedi Special Edition, I think I'm right in saying that this is the first authentic shot of any Episode One design."
That first "submarine" shot turned out to be the back end of Sebulba's Pod Racer

The first one was pretty plain. It was long with a smooth pointdee nose (like a squashed concorde or the front of a Blackbird spy plane.) It had NO wings, but hanging off each side and a little below were these MASSIVE turbine/rocket engines. Their diamaeter was bigger than the fusealage. I guess it would be about the size of the Falcon (although the model was only a couple of metres wide. The second one was really cool, and I got a much better look at it. It reminded me of one of the Amercian jets used in Vietnam.
"It was so unbelievable I wondered whether they could be fakes designed to delibrately fool us. The ships in Episode 1 are likely to be CGI, so unless they had to make one for actors to climb in and out of, there would be little need for physical models. If it is true, then I would expect the Falcon to be in Episode 1.
Actually, they always make physical models before they make CGI ones

Planet Rumors


Naboo is a codename for Alderaan. Any diehard Star Wars fan will know that the capitol city of Alderaan is located on an island in the middle of a huge lake. It just so happens that the battle at the end of the movie is on 'Naboo' and features water. It is pretty easy to see through this deception from Lucasfilm!
Oh yes, those Lucasfilm people certainly pulled the wool over our eyes

ILM staff were told the Queen's planet was now called 'Udalris' and not 'Naboo' anymore.

Needless to say, the planet Naboo is a place of joy and prosperity that seems extract right from a level of Dungeon Keeper (if you're in computer games you know what I mean). Daylight always shines (don't ask me why or how), runes, dragons and symbols of old are everywhere and peace and prosperity reign unchallenged.


True Fan also told us a while back that we might see Yoda's homeplanet: "I was commenting on how things with Yoda's home planet, meaning Dagobah, looked great when one of the other Art Directors overheard me and asked my 'guide' if I had seen what they were doing with Yoda's home guide replied 'no' and gave the guy a wierd look like 'shut-up' and then just continued on like nothing was said..."

Lightsaber Rumors

My friend's brother's friend (I know, I know, it doesn't sound solid) works for ILM and found out saber colors for the prequels. They are: yellow, green, blue, magenta, white. Also, the hilt's aren't going to be like DV's, Ben's, or either of Luke's. He says that they are going to be a composite of all of them and a bit longer with wider openings. (I can believe the wider opening thing. Obi-Wan's has a wide opening, then, when Luke made his green saber, it had a wide opening. Maybe wide openings keep back falling into fashion.

Plot Rumors

"At the beginning of the film, the galaxy is at peace. Coruscant is a virtual Utopia. Then something is... orchestrated... to break that peace, and the galaxy is suddenly plunged into conflict. The diabolical scheme has been hatched to deliberately break the Jedi ranks, divide them, to make them easier to take out. Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker's family are settling on Tatooine at a time when there's a great expansion out of the known galaxy. New world's are being settled the whole time, and Jedi are being sent along as sort of "escorts". They haven't been on the planet long when Tatooine's indiginous life takes a dislike to the settlers, and there's a battle. It's during this initial conflict, which involves settlers, Sandpeople, and a pair of Jedi (Neeson and McGregor), that young Anakin endears himself to Kenobi, and the pair form a bond."

Scene Rumors

seems the first time we see Palpatine and Yoda (early on in the film - one of its first scenes apparently), they are together having a very philosophical and spiritual talk Palpatine (at this point) is an okay guy, and a little like early-Luke as far as all of this 'Force' stuff goes - he doesn't really get it.

Look for Samuel L. Jackson to be in this sequence as well. I'm not totally sure of the character (or the setting for the scene), but he should be the equivilent of Yoda's 'driver' or 'escort'. He breaks into this magical and mysterious moment, telling 'Master Yoda' it is time for them to leave. I guess even Yoda needs a ride every once in a while..."
They must have confused this with Driving Ms. Yoda.

There is a rumor spreading like wildfire on the internet that Natalie Portman will have a nude scene in the Star Wars prequel being planned by George Lucas.
Well, we can all hope for a golden bikini...

Carrie Fisher is making a cameo as The Queen's mother. She won't have a speaking part, but just serves as background scenery.

During this swamp sequence, OB1 discovers a submerged temple which looks like an Indian woman's face. I.e. the temple is shaped like a person. He then escapes with the others from something that I honestly don't know the circumstances of.

there's just one battle (the locale of which isn't included) and Coruscant and Tatooine are minor settings.

A certain Tatooine village is attacked by Krayt Dragons in the night. Just as certain doom seems eminent for the villagers the Neeson Jedi appears and like a knight of legend and slays the lead dragon. Galahad said that the Krayt Dragons may be replaced with Sand People if the cost of doing the scene with the dragons would be too high.

we'll see Krayt Dragons in the first prequel, and Neeson's Jedi Mentor will slay one to save others. The scooper also adds that the title(s) believed to be accurate are not

Jabba the Hut and Chewie are in this a scene together. A very young slender Jabba...

Anakin wins the pod race, and his prize is anything wants in Watto's junk shop - he chooses R2D2. A child friend - Seek, teases and confronts Anakin about R2D2, as he knows that they are poor and can't afford a droid (Seek doesn't know about the pod race win). Enraged, Anakin uses the Force to push Seek violently into a wall, to Qui Gon's displeasure, and this is where he tries to teach him about the nature of the Force, and not to be tempted by the darkside. Anakin takes little notice of him, as he claims that he is not is father - he does not respect him. That is why Anakin forms a close bond with Obi Wan later in the film . . . .

WARNING: This one is long and a bit incoherrent
A fellow using the pseudo 'Biggs' also is thinking along Brent's train of thought. He sent us clipped pages from the early 1974 draft of Star Wars that features Annikin Starkiller and his brother Deak and father Kane. We're not going to post the clipped pages out of respect for copyrights but essentially there is a scene where Annikin faces the might of a Sith Lord (Dark Jedi sound familiar?) on a desert moon and they battle with their 'sabers. There's also a scene showing Annikin and his father enterting the Dark Jedi's small ship on the wasteland plain, and a warning from Deak Starkiller to his son that echoes what Neeson's character supposedly told young Anakin just before his duel. The scenes do seem to ring very familiar with the French Premiere photos.
" I'd bet the whole Corona team a steak dinner that we see parts of the rough draft appear... This could possibly be a distraction... Lucas decided to release photos of a bogus scene being shot (It would have taken all of five minutes to create these lines) to throw us off.
" I can't believe someone would actually post that rumor. He sees one picture from the filming and has read an extremely early draft of SW and extrapolates this rumor from it. Sure, it's a possibility, but it would be that persons SPECULATION on it and right now has no basis in any kind of fact. If it were true, then Liam Neeson's character would be Kane Skywalker (Starkiller in that draft) and he is critcally wounded in a battle with a Sith Knight. He will then take Annakin to Ben Kenobi (Luke Skywalker in the draft) to complete his his training. Of course, in that script, Annakin is about 16. What I am saying is that this rumor is a product of that posters IMAGINATION! I would have posted it myself, but it is strictly CONJECTURE at this point," 'Snowdog' writes. Actually, Annikin is siad to be 18 years old in the 1974 script
I warned you

That 'scene' between Neeson and a 'Sith Lord' was a fake...The Queen has a Twi'lek Jedi bodygaurd, a silver 'nanny 'droid', R2-D2 and her assistant, a clone named Winter..."

The picture was really cool. It was this really huge battle on this marshy land. There were ships in the sky shooting down below at everybody fighting. On the land there were normal people, Chewbaccas, Jedis, and a bunch of different colered Boba Fetts. Also, you know that pink alien in Jabba's place with three eyes sticking out of its face. Well, an alien like that but with a big black spot on his face was holding a yellow lifesaver and chopping off the arm of this one red Boba Fett in the background. It looked awesome. At the top of the paper someone had written in nice writing "Concord 3".

False Casting Rumors

Claudia Ramirez - Harry, Veruca1138, and the Prequel Watch folks have all heard rumors concerning this Mexican Soap Opera actress. They state she's up for the part of Lady Kenobi, a relative of Ben's.

Very, very, strange things are happening in New York. Exactly one week after The New York Daily News reported that model Nina Brosh had secured a role in the new Star Wars film comes a story in today's paper (Aug. 22nd) that says that another model, Bijou Phillips, has also landed a role in the sequel.

Two things: While standing in a check-out line, I picked up a copy of the dreadful "US" magazine to pass the time. As I flipped through it, I saw a little article on Bijou Phillips. Remembering the Star Wars casting rumors, I scanned through it, and lo and behold, in the last paragraph it said "she's up for the role of Luke Skywalker's mother in the upcoming Star Wars prequel". Wow! I guess the Bijou rumor has some validity after all.

Scoring Rumors

Two reports are received that the British pop-ambient group Sneaker Pimps has been asked to 'collaborate' on Lucas' new film, 'Star Wars: Balance of the Force'. Liam Howe, one of the group, was quoted on the Planet Sound programme on Channel 4 as saying, ""George Lucas insists on everything just the way he likes it, but he's given us a free hand with the theme so far."

Title Rumors

They list the three films as: Balance of the Force, Rise of the Empire, and Fall of the Jedi, respectively.

He says 'Balance of the Force' is a ploy and the actual current tentative title of the film is 'Jedi Squad.' I know a lot more info that I can't tell you now, but I'll keep you posted..."
Jedi Squad???

The British movie magazine Neon reports 'You thought it was over. It hasn't even begun' as being the provisional tag-line for SW1

Trailer/Movie Release Rumors

A trailer for Episode 1 will appear in front of Return of the Jedi Special Edition, and the film will indeed premier in summer of 1998, as anounced long ago.
Did I miss something?

Finally, there's more talk of a trailer for Episode One appearing in front of Titanic...while another scooper tells us it'll be in front of Alien Resurrection.

If the rest of the scooper's information holds up, a trailer for the first new Star Wars film in over fifteen years will be running in front of The X-Files movie, opening June 19th.

Two seperate sources report that they've heard quiet rumblings Kenner Toys is prepping to release Episode One action figures to various toy stores starting next March. This had led some to speculate Lucas is going to perform a sneak maneouver and release the film a year ahead of schedule.


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