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11/21/05 - Like I said before - new figures have finally arrived! It may be only eight of them, and only two aren't made from spare parts I had lying around, but I really missed making figures (and if my bids on eBay go through, soon you'll see some more :)
Expanded Universe Republic Section:
Cale (from Shadows and Light)
Durron Qel-Droma(from Shadows and Light)
Tem Chesko (from Mostly Automatic)
Expanded Universe Prequel Section:
Jafer Torles (Hero's Call)
Commander Bly (Honoghr from Armor)
Anakin Skywalker (Naboo Gardens from Obsession)
Alpha (Boz Pity from Obsession)
Expanded Universe Post Endor Section:
R2-D7 (from Star Tours)

11/18/05 - Ok - the dry spell is almost finally over. 8 new figures - the pictures have been uploaded, I just gotta find the time to write the pages. A week maybe? Let's hope!

10/10/05 - So like I said, it'll be a while till I start up the custom works. Today I added a smattering of ref pics, but no new figures. I do have a couple, and I'm waiting to finish a few more before I upload. As I think I mentioned before, I'm waiting a full year before making any Ep3 customs so I don't bother making any that Hasbro will make first. I'm holding off on Clones in general too, since they're making any sort of Clone Trooper they can think of, movie, concept or other. That being said, I did make Alpha in his Ep3-style outfit from Obsession and Commander Bly from Armor, which is basically an Ep3 Clone Trooper with Ep2 Clone Commander markings. At this point I wouldn't put it past Hasbro to make similar figures though, so those will be all for now.

6/10/05 - Ok, I finally did it! My big long review of Celebration III and my big long (but shorter than C3) review of Revenge of the Sith have finally been completed. I put them all up for your perusal here

5/30/05 - So - seen any good movies lately? Damn! That was a great one! I've seen RotS twice already and I want to go see it again! As with AotC I'm waiting a full year before doing any customs from the film, though even without the Clone Troopers I saw quite a few figures to make. Actually, because of all the cash I've dropped on all the Episode 3 merchindise, it may be another month or so before I can even buy more figure fodder! (::coughbutyoucanalwaysusethePayPalbuttontodonatefiguremoneytomecough::) I also wrote up a rather lengthy review of the film at my blog at MySpace, which I'm going to repaste here (it was posted in two parts and I didn't bother to edit them together). I also began my C3 review, which I'll put on a page here when I'm all done, along with the movie review.

5/4/05/ - Took me long enough, but I finally got my Celebration picture album up. I had wanted to do a commentary/picture sorta thing, but since I took over 200 pictures, that was out of the question. It was also too much to upload to Angelfire, so I started an album at Yahoo! Pictures. I'm still going to write up a day by day review of my experience, but in the meantime you can check out all my pictures here.

4/25/05 - So here I am, back from Celebration III. Lots of fun - LOTS of lines, but I had a great time, saw some excellent exclusive footage and more. I'm planning on putting up a Celebration III page as soon as I find the time, and get all my film developed - seven or eight rolls at least! Look for it shortly. For anyone who wants a sneak peak, I found a pic of myself and my fiance over at here. She's in a red, I'm in my Starwargasm shirt, although you can't really read it. So check back soon for more about long lines, rare events, long lines, diorama building, long lines, meeting my site's only celebrity visitor (that I know of at least ;), long lines, and of course, long lines :)

4/12/05 - Nothing new to report. In fact, due to the amount of money I've spent for RotS merchindise thus far, and the amount I'll probably spend before the hype peters out, I probably won't be buying any custom fodder from now until June of July, unless of course anyone else feels like clicking that PayPal button and donating some figure money my way (hey, it's happened three or four times... :D) The real reason I'm adding an update is to point out the new banner I just added for The One campaign. No money is required to donate, but hopefully some of you will sign the petition.

3/25/05 - So not only did I just add 16 figures, but I also finally added my Lost Re-Carding Project page. The story of the whole thing on the page, but basically I had created several custom card graphics, for a plan to recard my custom figures, a plan which never quite came to fruition. It pretty graphics intensive, dial-ups beware. This update also includes two Galactic Heroes customs, and three customs from Episode III, and no spoiler warnings apply! Later tonight, or maybe tomorrow I'll also be going through and reordering some pages. I've been putting my figures up in order of appearence, and using my own timeline for reference (another project to possibly put online one day) I recently made some modifications and will be updating my pages to reflect it. Lastly, this will probably be my last update prior to Celebration III. I'll be dropping by the FFURG table, and look for me in my infamous "Starwargasm" shirt that I'm sure I'll be wearing on one of the days.
Episode I: The Phantom Menace Section:
Pod Race Pit Droid
Ody Mandrell's Pit Droid
Galactic Heroes Qui-Gon Jinn
Episode II: Attack of the Clones Section:
Galatic Heroes Jango Fett (Geonosis)
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Section:
Episode IV: A New Hope Section:
Rebel Hanger Technician
Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Section:
Shasa Tiel
Expanded Universe Republic Section:
Twi'lek Vigo (from Darth Maul)
Expanded Universe Prequel Section:
Anakin Skywalker (Moon of Yavin from The Clone Wars Animated Series)
Akku Seii (from Trackdown)
General Grevious (Coruscant from The Clone Wars Animated Series)
Expanded Universe Early Empire Section:
Tanitive IV Crewmember (from Princess... Warrior)
Expanded Universe Post Star Wars-Section:
Domina Tagge (from Red Queen Rising)
Expanded Universe Other Section:
Darth Vader (Jedi Master)

3/21/05 - A 16 figure update is coming soon, but in the meantime I finally got around to resizing a lot of pics on the site. A lot of my earlier ref pics were huge, and have been finally fixed. I also modified a lot of my figure pics. When I began scanning my figures I sized them at 348 pixels, which is the size that Hasbro uses for thier figure pics. It makes the figures display at roughly 3 3/4in (at least it does in my resolution). I'd been using that size for all my figures, however, be they Han Solo, R2-D2 or Chewbacca. Since the SW figure line has figures in so many differnt heights, it can either obscure details on the larger figs, or make minor imperfections look horrible for the shorter ones. So now my Yodas, Ewoks and Astromechs are smaller, and my Wookies (Chewie for now, but more are on the way...) are bigger. I also recently found the disk I had of graphics I made back when I had planned on recarding many of my custom figures, so I'll be adding those in the near future as well.

2/9/05 - Well, I beat the 1000 figure mark! In order to celebrate I redid my very first custom of Jodo Kast. Also this update are a lot of figures made from the large parts lot I won on eBay a while back. I took the parts I had the most of and scoured the comics for inspiration and came up with a few very odd figures :) I also updated two of my older figures - Admiral Galak Fyyar and Young Yoda. Lastly I (finally) decided to go to Celebration III, so at some point I'll be over to meet whoever's at the FFURG table :)
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Section:
Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Section:
Jabba's R2 Unit
Bartender R2 Unit
Skiff Gunner
Expanded Universe Republic Section:
Tott Doneeta (from Tales of the Jedi)
Exar Kun (Dantooine from Dark Lords of the Sith)
ExarKun (Yavin IV from Dark Lords of the Sith)
Ulic Qel Droma (from Dark Lords of the Sith)
Dace Diath (from The Sith War)
Master Vandar(from Knights of the Old Republic)
Master Finn (from The Apprentice)
Sith Apprentice (from The Apprentice)
Khalid's Guard (from Survivors)
Silais (from Prelude to Rebellion)
Hath Monchar (from Darth Maul)
Expanded Universe Prequel Section:
Chom Frey Kaa (from Twilight)
Anakin Skywalker (Khamir from A Jedi's Weapon)
ARC Commander (Animated from Hide in Plain Sight)
Kap Nar Pal (from Bloodlines)
Expanded Universe Early Empire Section:
Follower of Yorn (from Resurrection)
Yavin Commando (from Underworld: The Hunt for the Yavin Vassilika)
General Dodonna (Vassilika hunt from Underworld: The Hunt for the Yavin Vassilika)
Expanded Universe Post Star Wars-Section:
Jimm The Starkiller Kid (from 8 for Aduba-3)
General Dodonna (Rebel Tribunal from Vader's Quest)
Crix Madine (Imperial Officer)
Crix Madine (Imperial Commando from Darksaber)
Expanded Universe Shadows of the Empire Section:
Luke Skywalker (Bazzare from Bazzare)
Lando Calrissian (Beledrone from The Apprentice)
Zeltorn Admirer (from Chanteuse of the Stars)
Princess Leia (Chanteuse from Chanteuse to the Stars)
Expanded Universe Post Endor Section:
Darth Vader (Light Side from Infinities: Return of the Jedi)
Wes Janson (Civillian from The Phantom Affair)
Mrrlst Security Guard (from The Phantom Affair)
Wes Janson (Medical Gown from The Phantom Affair)
Dllr Nep (Dress Uniform from The Warrior Princess)
1000th figure! - Jodo Kast (Bounty Hunter from Twin Engines of Destruction) - 1000th figure!
Expanded Universe New Republic Section:
Wedge Antillies (Abregado-Rae from Dark Force Rising)
Admiral Hiram Drayson (from The Last Command)
Colonel Breman (from The Last Command)
Vima Da Boda (from Dark Empire)
Kir Kanos (Final Duel from Crimson Empire)
General Madine (A-Wing Gear from Darksaber)
New Republic Guard (from Leviathan)
Han Solo (Commodore from Tyrant's Test)

2/7/05 - 45-some-odd figure will be here soon! I've been slowly building and building a backlog of figures since about November, including my 1000th custom! However, due to a severe lack of free time it's taken me this long to begin to prepare an update. I've also archived my 2004 updates (a year of mostly Star Trek customs) and changed my OTC based logo to a RotJ one, which may be updated yet again since right now it's based off of an online packaging photo.


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