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12/19/00 - Decided to use much better pictures for my Needs List.
Added some Hasbro The Phantom Menace figures today:
Naboo Guard Captain
Mos Espa R2 Unit
Pod Race R2 Unit
Chancellor Valorum (Landing Pad)
Senator Palpatine (Senate Robes)
Bravo 3

12/18/00 - Added a few more custom figures today:
To the Hasbro A New Hope Section we have:
Cantina R2 Unit
Theron Nett (Red 10)
John "Dutch" Vander (Gold 1)
Davish "Pops" Kreil (Gold 5)
Wedge Antillies' R2 Unit
Y-Wing R2 Unit
And to the Hasbro The Empire Strikes Back Section:
Luke Skywalker (Medical Robes)
Bespin Guard (Gold Hat)

12/7/00 - Did a few structural changes to the site - organizing the Expanded Universe sections into eras to divide them up a little. The Micro Machines especially were getting so out of hand that most of the graphics wouldn't load.
Also took the final Episode 1 figure off the Needs List. I now have an Eopie! Basically I'm now down to the forgien release Micro Machines and Vintage POTF, Droids, and Ewoks figures, none of which I can really afford as I am a cheap college student (cheap offers accepted however...)
Last but not least - come back soon, as I now have another backlog or figures I made while I put up my summer customs... (it never ends does it?)

12/5/00 - WHOOPS! I put the wrong link! Now it goes to the right section...
Oh my god it's been WAY too long! Well, There's many reasons, like that I added about 90 new customs to the Micro Machines Expanded Universe Section!!! Usually I do direct links, but theres just too many this time. So go click and enjoy, bookmark it if you need to...

10/20/00 - Well, just to make myself feel like I've had some progress I went ahead and added custom and vintage needs to the Needs List.

10/20/00 - Still working on getting up the Expanded Universe customs... It's been real hectic around here. Anyways, just wanted to mark that my counter hit 5,000 today at 2:44, as I loaded up to test for (once again unpdated) Needs List. I really only need the Eopie w/ Qui-gon right now, and i may have even found one at a decent price. Vintage and Custom Fodder Needs will be added to the list as soon as I'm done with the next, and final (for now) Micro Machine update.

10/12/00 - No new vehicles posted today (it might take awhile to do all the code) but I did update my Needs List once again. Check it out to see if you can lend me a hand - only 3 more figures left!

10/11/00 - Ok, finally (after too much "real life" interference) I've done another update (one more to go!) The Micro Machines Prototype Section has been updated with:
A-Wing (Blue Prototype)
A-Wing (White Prototype)
Cloud Car (Brown Prototype)
B-Wing (Wingless Prototype)
B-Wing (Prototype)
Jabba's Sail Barge (Prototype)
Imperial Star Destroyer(Prototype)
Lambda Class Shuttle (Prototype)
X-Wing (Green Prototype)
Single pod Cloud Car
Single Pod Cloud Car (Prototype)
Millenium Falcon (Vertical)

10/8/00 - I know, I know, I've slacked in updates again. I still have the Micro Machine Prototypes and Expanded Universe sections to go, but for now I've updated the Needs List again, finally getting some foriegn Micro Machine Heads and a Swimming Jar Jar. C'mon, hook me up people - help me have it all!

9/26/00 - Moving right along (can't believe I found time to do it today!) I've updated the Micro Machines Return of the Jedi Section with:
B-Wing (Closed S-Foils)
Wingless Mon Calamari Cruiser
AT-ST (Battle Damaged)
Luke Skywalker (Jedi With Lightsaber)
Wingless Mon Calamari Cruiser (Battle Damaged)
Mon Calamari Cruiser (Battle Damaged)
Reactor Core
Darth Vader (Helmet Removed)
The Millenium Falcon (Battle Damaged)
Corellian Corvette (Gold Squadron)

9/25/00 - Sorry bout the lag, more "real life" stuff came up. The Micro Machines The Empire Strikes Back Section has been updated with:
Darth Vader (Degobah Spirit)
Lando Calrissian (Correllian Gear)
Leia Organa (Medical Frigate)
Wes Janson
Snowspeeder (Luke's Battle Damaged)
TIE Bomber (Gray)
Wedge Antilles
Darth Vader (Join Me!)

9/21/00 - Updated the Micro Machines A New Hope Section with:
Mos Eisley Speeder
Officer Evax
Fixer's Speeder
Lt. Pello Scrambas
Obi-Wan Kenobi
X-Wing (Blue Squadron)

9/20/00 - Ok, first Micro Machine update! Finally! I've started off with The Phantom Menace, which makes sence I suppose, and have added five new customs:
Royal Naboo N-1 Fighter (Anakin's)
Infantry Battle Droid (Chopped)
Darth Sidious (Creepin')
Depa Billaba
Mos Espa Speeder

9/18/00 - Sorry, no Micro Machine updates today, school just gets busier and busier. I did, however, have time to update the good ol' Needs List with some wonderful subtractions - I managed to snag myself both a Target exclusive Skiff and an R2 w/ Holo Leia (go me!) I also took off the Foreign Pit Droid 2 packs, sicne as far as I know they were never released. For those of you interested in selling ot me (and I knwo you are) I shall also be doing an update to the list after I'm done adding all my summer customs. The additions will be Vinatge and the Loose figs I need to make more customs - both fo which I'm going for cheap - so if you have any make me an offer.

9/17/00 - Well, it's been almost a week, but I added a lot so I think you'll see why. I haven't scanned in my reference photos yet, but will let you know when I do. I have now updated the last of the 3 3/4 inch figures with the completetion of the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section:
Baron Soontir Fel
Leia Organa (Ord Mantell Gear
Luke Skywalker (Kabal Gear)
Luke Skywalker (Ord Mantell Gear)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Kitchy 70s Robes)
Luke Skywalker (Fat General)
Ganner Rhysode
General Windu
Queen Selestrine
Jedi Jon
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spacer Gear)
Leia Organa (Monastery Gear)
Mini Greedo
Ord Mantell Operative
Purple C-3P0
Guri (Coruscant Gear)
The Serpent Master
Serpent Guard
Lando Calrissian (Coruscant Guard)
Leia Organa (Flight Suit)
Leia Organa (Prison Uniform)
Lando Calrissian (Stormtrooper Outfit)
Luke Skywalker (Swimming Gear)
I have also updated the following: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)
Luke Skywalker (Night Gear)
Corran Horn (Jedi Knight)
Luke Skywalker (Prison Gear)

9/12/00 - Slackin' off all ready aren't I? Well I updated two small sections today, as I'm gonna have to do my Expanded Universe sections over like a week :( Anyways I updated the Hasbro The Phantom Menace Section with:
Tatooine Darth Maul with Black Vest
Bravo 4
and the Hasbro Return of the Jedi Section with:
General Crix Madine
Leia Organa (Prototype Boussh Disguise)

9/7/00 - Another day, another update! Today it's in the Hasbro The Empire Strikes Back Section:
Dack Ralter (Rogue Leader Gunner)
Major Derlin
Wes Janson (Rogue 3 Gunner)
Luke Skywalker (Pre-Hoth Battle Gear)
Lanod Calrissian (Prototype)
General Carlist Rieekan

9/6/00 - WHOO HOO! Finally I have updated the site! All my new figures and Micro Machines have been photographed and so I'll slowly begin to update section by section. We're looking at about 2 weeks straight of updates every day so check back every day. Some pics are a bit bled out due to Quickcam freak outs, but I managed ot not only fix them but finally get the contrasts and lighting right so the pics look really good! Unfortunatly it was with only 4 figs left to go that I discovered this, but oh well. Also before the I bring on the figures - I'll slowly be putting stuff into tables to organize better, btu won't really anouce that here since i don't think too many (or any) people care.) So anyway the first updates have been to the Hasbro A New Hope Section and they are:
Sandtrooper (Black Pauldron)
Blue Snaggletooth
John D. (Red 4)
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Gear)
Garven "Dave" Dreis (Red 1)
Hrchek Kal Fas

8/24/00 - Don't worry, haven't forgotten about my site! I updated the Needs List, and in addition can finally say that there will be no more updates until the second week of September - after that I'll be adding several figures a day for probably a month. Just to wet your collective whistles, here's some of what's to be added:
Hasbro: Ganner Ryhsode, Crystal Star C-3P0, Baron Fel, Massimo, Jerec, SOTE Lando, Coruscant Guri, General Madine, Proto Lando and Leia Boussh, Dack, Major Derlin, Janson, General Riekkien, Classic Star Wars Leia and Luke, Splinter Luke and Leia, Valence, Marvel Obi-Wan and Leia, The Serpent Master, X-Wig Luke, Red Leader, BoShek, Young Yoda, Gragga, Bravo 5, Surfin' Jar Jar, several R2 and R5 Units and my very own Blue Snaggletooth! Plus more!
Micro Machines: Splinter X and Y-Wing, Victory Star Destroyer, Dark Empire Slave 1, Falcon w/ Lightning Gun, Officer Evax, Valence, The Fixer's Landspeeder, X-Wing Prototype, Wedge's X-Wing, two versions of the Lusankya Demon Seed, 181st TIEs, Tycho Celchu, K-3P0, AT-PT, TIE Advanced, Luke's Snowspeeder, Battle Damaged Mon Cal Cruisers, Proto B and A-Wings (several versions), Kir Kanos's A-Wing, Jodo Kast's Shuttle, The Spicy Lady, a ton of Uglies and a whole lot more!

7/12/00 - Long time no see. Well, another Needs List update as usual. In other news I finally got access to a quick cam! Now the problem is having time to update. I'm working 11 hours a day this summer will very little time off (and that includes weekends). I might start doing updates bewteen August 21 - 26 when I have dark week, other that that it'll be September. Sorry bout that.

6/29/00 - Took a few things of the Needs List. Also added back the Red R2 Unit, which I really want, but lost out on due to a bad trader.

6/18/00 - Hooray! More subtractions from my Needs List.
In other news, well, it seems it may be a while before I get a QuickCam, so unfortunatly I don't think I'll be adding any new figures or vehicles till possibly September (which I hope isn't the case.) I may post a list of recently completed figures, or something. I urge you to check back, but don't expect much for now.

6/1/00 - Added an Episode II Countdown Clock!!! Thank you Jedi Paradise! :)

5/31/00 - Two additions, but a great many subtractions from my Needs List.
Made 7 or 8 new customs figures, 6 or 7 new Micro Machines, and I still haven't gotten my ass to a computer store to get a quickcam. Again I appologize for the long wait (if any of you are actually waiting) but once I get one, we're talking straight updates everyday for a month at least.

5/23/00 - Once again updated my Needs List.
Also the new customs are more or less done, but I have yet to get around to get a QuickCam. Posting them all might take time too, possibly up to a month since my new internship won't leave me much free time.
One last thing I'm curious about - my girlfriend looked at the guy's site who left me that negative Guestbook entry and found that he signed his own as someone else sayign what a great site he had. I'm now thinking it was some punk twelve year old, and so now I just wonder if anyone else got the same entry on thier sites.

5/15/00 - Making many many Micro Machine customs (over 100!) and also finshed a few figure customs. I'll also open up my Episode 2 section very soon. All this hinges on when I get my QuickCam, since now that I'm home I don't have the luxury of using my girlfreind's. Keep checking back though as at some point a VERY large amount of customs will be added
In other news, I subtacted more stuff from my Needs List. I'm down to 21 missing figures (not counting foreign stuff) and 12 Micro Machines (including foreign stuff). So close and yet so far - please make me some offers :)
Last but not least I'd like to publically address my latest Guestbook entry (#5) - if you're the guy who made it I'd like to know what you're talking about. More info where? I got tons of it. I checked out your site like you suggested but all it does is link to game info and the Offical Site. I don't see how it's better than mine at all.

5/7/00 - To to a miscommunication, a trade fell through. Consequently, I've had to add to my Needs List. And I hate when I have to do that...

5/5/00 - Added my first custom of me! to the Hasbro Section
Added Jar Jar Bill to the Hasbro Section
Added Darth Vader (Splinter of the Mind's Eye) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Han Solo (In Melting Carbonite) to the Hasbro Return of the Jedi Section
Added Han Solo (Ewok Celebration) to the Hasbro Return of the Jedi Section
Made some additions, subtractions and corrections to the Needs List

5/1/00 - Counter's been up for a month now and I've had 1236 hits! Don't know if anyone else cares, but I'm damn proud. Thanks to everyone who's been coming, and for all the input (now will someone please sign my guestbook! I wann know who you people are.)

4/29/00 - Cheated a bit, but my counter hit 1138 at 2:55am :)

4/28/00 - Two new Hasbro additions:
Added Luke Skywalker (Shadows of the Empire) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Rebel Soldier(The Rebel Opposition) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Also took a few more items off my Needs List

4/27/00 - Made a few more subtractions to my Needs List. Seems I'm making good progress...

4/26/00 - Made another subtraction and another addition to my Needs List. I swear, as soon as I get one thing, something else gets released!
Well, as of 2:10am Eastern Standard, I have hit the 1000 mark! Hope it doesn't sound suspcious here, but it was I who became the 1000th person to visit me (and I clicked it by accident!)

4/25/00 - Fixed the Guri link
Big huge mega update - 15 NEW figures! Including my first non-Star Wars figure - check it out!
Added Radiant VII Co-pilot to the Hasbro Phantom Menace Section
Added Wullif Yularen to the Hasbro A New Hope Section
Added Biggs Darklighter (Acadamy Uniform) to the Hasbro A New Hope Section
Added Lt. Solo to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Luke Skywalker (Splinter of the Mind's Eye) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Corran Horn (Jedi Knight) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Whistler to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Luke Skywalker (Classic Star Wars) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Tycho Celchu to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Guri to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Han Solo (Early Years Comics) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added General Airen Cracken to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Winter to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Commander Silver Fyre to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
And last but not least, I updated my Needs List

4/24/00 - Gearing up for a HUGE Hasbro update, added new improved pics of Y-Wing (Red Squadron) and Cloud Car (Blue Prototype) to wet appatites in the meantime.
Moved and added new commentary to Courscant Taxi (Yellow) after watching Return of the Jedi: Special Edition again.

4/17/00 - Added Ki-Adi Mundi (with New Hat!) to the Micro Machine Expanded Universe Section
Added Darth Sidious (Hologram) to the Micro Machine The Phantom Menace Section
Finished spell checking and doing any nessesary cosmetic changes to the site.

4/16/00 - Started spell checking and doing any nessesary cosmetic changes to the site.

4/15/00 - 11:59pm Easten Standard Time - In a bit of irony (or something like that) I became the 500th person to visit my site :) Thanks to all of you who've come so far, it's been less than a month :)
Added Courscant Taxi (Yellow) to the Micro Machine The Phantom Menace Section

4/9/00 - Added my Old Episode 1 Rumors Page.

4/8/00 - One more big update:
Added Sith Infiltrator (In Flight) to the Micro Machine The Phantom Menace Section
Added K-3P0 to the Hasbro Empire Strikes Back Section
Added Lando Calrissian (Corellian Garb) to the Hasbro Empire Strikes Back Section
Added Han Solo (General's Gear) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Carnor Jax to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section

4/4/00 - Added a picture of a hidden IG-88 head. Click here for more information and the picture.

4/3/00 - MAJOR update - new reference pics added all over the site. Too many to name, but hey, the site's not THAT big. All pages with new reference pics are marked "New Ref Pics."
Added Darth Vader (Gray Variation) to the Hasbro A New Hope Section
Added Cloud City to the Micro Machine Empire Strikes Back Section
Added The Starbuster to the Micro Machine Expanded Universe Section
Added Jodo Kast's Ship to the Micro Machine Expanded Universe Section
Added Jodo Kast (Action Fleet) to the Micro Machine Expanded Universe Section
Added Cargo Ship to the Micro Machine Expanded Universe Section

4/1/00 - Finished Cloud City, The Star Buster, a random Cargo Ship (I'll explain), Action Fleet Jodo Kast and his Ship. All will be up on Monday along with Gray Vader.
Found/remembered my Fan Fiction ship names and have updated and made minor updates to them, and started narrowing down novel placement of the Skiff in the Micro Machine Expanded Universe section.
Started compiling missing reference photos to be added on Monday.

3/31/00 - Finished Gray Vader, pics will be up soon
Attempted to fix my counter (Will it work? Who knows?)
I strongly recommend you do NOT use, something at the site is messed up and all new members are being registered as the same person. That's the cause for all this confusion. I wrote an email to them a week ago and they never responded.
New counter installed (HOORAY!)

3/30/00 - Started work on Darth Vader (Gray Plastic Variation)
Made more Needs List subtractions :)

3/28/00 - Made corrections, additions and one subtraction from the Needs List.
New Micro Machine pictures courtesy of:

3/27/00 - Added Lord Sweetsin to the Hasbro Phantom Menace Section
Added Khamir Sarin (Jedi Knight) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added Darth Sidious (in Training Gear) to the Hasbro Expanded Universe Section
Added a counter (it STILL won't display the proper font however and keeps showing random fonts. See what i wanted here. It also keeps resetting to zero and every so often displays numbers up in the thousands. Sigh.)
Added a guestbook (busy busy day)
Made plans to spellcheck the ENTIRE site


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