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Brady Guild House

Greetings Traveler. Welcome to the small but comfortable Brady Guild House.

I am Shavanne n'ha Paulette of the Renunciates. I am originally of the Daleruth Guild House , but I spend most of my time here. I am also known as the "Ever Elusive Shavanne" -- not for my skill at dodging dish duty, but because I spend a great deal of time traveling and the rest of it here, so my sisters often do not see me for moons on end.

I am a wanderer, a bard and a swordswoman. I roam the land searching for adventure and stories, which I will galdly share over a mug of cider. I am the Oath Daughter of Mhari n'ha Gladys who patiently puts up with my antics.

This is not a proper guild house, it is simpily my home and I call it a "guildhouse" out of love. If you would like to take the oath or learn more about us you may want to visit Jaelle at the Daleruth Guild House or Amalie at the Old Thendara Guild House.

If you would like to read the oaths of the Renunciate you can choose from the Traditional Version or the Modern Version. Or you can learn about the Renunciates.


My lovely graphic is curtsey of Phantasia


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