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STARDATE: 54323.73.

Victory at Wierz for Starfleet!

Starfleet ships exit the Wierz Expanse after defeating the Valkurak Alliance.

Today, many of Starfleet's heroic men and women returned from a sucessful mission to prevent further enemy incursions into Federation space via the massive Wierz Expanse. The region, which is for the most part impassable, contained the only direct route from Valkurak space into ours: a narrow corridor by which they were able to bypass the six-month journey if they were to navigate around the Wierz Expanse. A plan was created to remove this point of access.

The operation was co-ordinated by Starfleet's Head of Security, Fleet Admiral Drake, and supported by ships from many of our finest fleets, including Fleet Prime, Trinity Fleet and the 107th Taskforce. Together they were able to hold of a large scale enemy attack and seal the corridor, thus preventing any more Valkurak alligned warships from entering our territories.

Speaking today, Acting President W.G. Ellis stated that "this [battle] was a crucial step towards ending the Federation-Valkurak War and returning our land to peacetime once more."