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STARDATE: 54178.98

Our Heroes

USS Castlehook in action at the Lucifus Nebula

Starfleet's 107th Taskforce drove out an entrenched Valkurak battlegroup from the Federation's Washington Colony, located within the Lucifus Nebula. A lengthy firefight resulted in victory for the courageous men and women serving on those ships. All the captured enemy troops were later turned over for trial under Federation Law. Klingon forces were present but were not required to engage.

Captain Orin Black of the 107th's lead-ship, USS Castlehook, stated that "this is the only way to win, to take the fight to the enemy ... we cannot afford to rest a single moment until our familys are free from the threat of this tyranny of opression".

Shortly afterwards, the 107th departed for yet another undisclosed assignment once more in the cause of removing the Valkurak Alliance threat to the Federation and her loyal citizens.

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