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STARDATE: 54129.84

Starfleet "Decloaked"

The USS Defiant last week

Yesterday, members of the the Starfleet's Diplomatic Corps met up with Romulan delegates to return their cloaking device loaned to our forces, installed until recently in the USS Defiant, which played a key role during the Dominion War.

Ever since the ceasation of hostilities in early 2375 negotiations have been afoot to return the Cloaking Device back to its rightful owners. It has been a long and complex series of discussions, with some factions within Starfleet insisting that the loan be continued, especially with the continuance of the conflict with the Valkurak Alliance. Finally, it was agreed that the Cloaking Device would be handed over the Romulans at a pre-set date near the Neutral Zone. The Vice-Chairman of the Romulan Public Relations was present to accept it on behalf of his people.

Acting President W.G. Ellis hoped that "further exchanges between our peoples would be possible in the future".