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STARDATE: 54074.87


The IKC Gra'Ka over Torqellion

For the first time since the Dominion War, Klingons fought side-by-side with Starfleet ships. Since the signing of the Probationary Period by the Klingon High Council four months ago, their forces have slowly been moving into positions within Federation territories. Yesterday was the first time they had come into contact with forces allied to the Valkurak Alliance and impressed with an unquestionable show of strength.

Chalnoth attackers dropped out of warp just inside Sector 365, where they were confronted by our joint forces over the outlying Federation colony of Torqellion. The Klingon forces took the lead, commanded by Colonel D'Kras aboard the IKC Gra'Ka. The Vor'cha-class attack cruiser made short work of their first wave, ably assisted by several K'Vort-class Birds of Prey. The USS Monarch was present at the time, though not needed. Her Commanding Officer, Captain Uvisere said they were "formidable" and a "definite deterrent to the Valkurak". Colonel D'Kras was unavailable for comment.

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