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STARDATE: 54033.06

Federation President Assassinated


In the early hours of Friday morning, Federation President Jaresh-Inyo was found dead in his office apparently by unknown causes. The official coroner's report states that Jaresh-Inyo suffered a severe brain haemorrhage, though what was the instigating factor is still unclear. Starfleet Security are looking into the matter and are treating it as highly suspicious. Following emergency procedure, Vice President, W.G. Ellis has been sworn in until such time as a new President can be elected.

As is common in these situations, rumours have already begun to circulate. Initial suspicions are logically directed at the Valkurak Alliance. However, Head of Starfleet Security, Fleet Admiral Drake, has urged that people remain calm until a full and proper investigation has been carried out, and that they should not jump to unfounded conclusions.

A day of mourning is scheduled for 19th January, 2378.

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