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Dangers to the Federation: Current, 2378

The Valkurak Alliance

The Valkurak Alliance

This group of races appeared in early 2376. Outwardly hostile, they do not appear to have any motivation other than the desire to take control of various systems within the Alpha Quadrant. To this end their agression has been mainly directed against the Federation.

The command hierarchy of the alliance appears to place the Denubians at the top, with the Rukakon acting as their command in the field. The Vok provide the majority of the workforce, though now their place may be taken by the Chalnoth. The Tzenkethi make up the numbers.

The Valkurak Alliance have used spys and sneak attacks in the past, and appear to have little or no respect for the lives of other races. They have destroyed several Federation fleets, and are gradually moving further inside the Federation's borders either by force or by dealing with smaller races. Following their loss of the Vulcan system in late 2376, they have become increasingly agressive, openly attacking colonies, using engineered viruses and capturing civilians. Starfleet intelligence have been unable to accertain what the purpose of this latter tactic is, other than to affect morale and create terror.

Though the tide appears to be turning in the Federation's favour, our losses on the battlefield, however reduced, continue to mount up. Command predicts that, should they continue at current levels, Starfleet's forces will be unable to continue fighting within the next six months, and surrender will follow shortly after.

A viable solution to the situation is yet to present itself.

Commander David A. Wilczek, Starfleet Department of Intelligence

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