The Doll

The Doll
By Morpheus

By Morpheus (

Sandy Morris tried to keep up with her mom walking in the mall, but her 9 year old legs were no match for her mother's greater stride. Gail Morris looked back impatiently at her daughter, "Hurry up honey, or I'll leave you behind."

Running and catching up with her mom, Sandy noticed a store that looked interesting. She begged her mom to let her go in and look around, and Gail reluctantly agreed, knowing that if she didn't Sandy would pout for an hour.

Looking up at the sign saying Spells R Us, they walked in. Gail didn't remember seeing this store before, but then again it had been a month since she'd last been in the mall, and new stores came and went, so this one was no surprize. Gail looked around in disappointment, seeing that the place seemed to have all sorts of cheap junk. She saw what looked like a few antiques, and what looked like a bit of cheap imitations of brand names. Overall, she decided that the place looked more like a flea market or a garage sale than a store in a mall. Obviously, she decided, this store isn't going to stay in business for very long.

Sandy on the other hand was greatly impressed by the large variety of things, only some of which she could guess the purpose of. It all seemed so mysterious and magical to her. Then an old man walked out of a door behind the counter, and smiled pleasantly at them. Sandy smiled back, somehow liking this old man.

"May I help you?" he asked.

"No thank you" Gail responded, picking up a small ceramic egg to look at, "We're just looking" The Old Man smiled and shook his head as if to say "Suit yourselves."

Strolling through one isle, Sandy stared at one thing after another, then she saw something that caught her eye. Several barbie dolls were sitting on a shelf, drawing her child's eyes like a magnet. She looked at one of them on the shelf, which seemed somehow to be special. She didn't know why, since the doll looked like any other barbie, but for some reason, Sandy knew that this doll was different. Special somehow. She knew she had to have it.

Picking it up, she looked over at the old man. "How much is this barbie?" she asked him, worrying since she only had a little bit of her allowance left, and really wanted the doll.

The Old Man hesitated, as if trying to decide something them he pleasantly said, "That's not a barbie doll. Nope" he said shaking his head, "She's a Wendy doll. Much rarer, and much more special" Sandy impatiently waited for him to tell her the price. "Tell you what", he said smiling down at her from behind the counter, "I'll sell her to you for a dollar sixty"

Sandy started digging through her pockets, happy to find that she had exactly $1.60 left from her allowance. Excitedly, she handed the money over to the Old Man.

As he took the money, the Old Man, still smiling pleasantly, said "Have fun with her Sandy"

It wasn't until she was leaving the mall that Sandy wondered how the Old Man knew her name.

Sandy couldn't wait to get home and play with her new doll. As soon as they got in, she ran upstairs to her room, nearly running into her brother Jason as she got to the door.

"Watch where you're going, stupid" 12 year old Jason yelled at her. Then he pushed past her and ran down stairs.

Stepping inside her room, Sandy tried to hold the tears back. Jason always picked on her. He's so mean, she thought. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Sandy wished she were an only child.

Then she remembered the new doll, and the incident was immediately forgotten. She tore the doll out of the box, and held it up looking at it. It looked like any other barbie doll, with long blonde hair, large breasts, and an impossibly thin waist. The usual exaggerated shape. But somehow, Sandy knew, it was special. She stared at the doll trying to figure out how, when suddenly she felt a strange twist, and a brief dizziness.

Then she noticed that the doll in her hands had changed. It looked just like she did. She was confused for a second, then realized that her hands had changed. She had long fingernails. Looking down, she realized that wasn't all that had changed. She saw a huge pair of breasts coming out of her own chest.

In shock, she put her hands to them, and felt that they were real. She could even feel the weight of them on her chest. Looking down, she saw that she was dressed in all the same clothes the doll had been wearing just moments before, and looking closer, she realized the doll not only looked like her now, but had all her clothes on. She began to get very afraid.

Looking around her room, Sandy realized that everything looked a bit smaller. She knew that somehow, she looked like the doll. Her curiosity began to get aroused. She went to take a step, and felt wobbly for a second, then caught her balance. Looking down, she realized she was wearing high heels. Taking a few more cautious steps, she found that she could walk all right. It was just the surprise of the first step that caught her off balance.

Careful not to be seen, she snuck out of her room and down the hall to the bathroom where she could look at herself in the mirror. What she saw was what she'd expected to see. She now looked like a human version of the Wendy doll. Incredibly long legs, large but firm breasts and a waspish waist. She stared at her face for a few seconds, then ran her hands through her now long and wavy blonde hair.

"Wow" she said, surprised to hear the adult voice coming out of her mouth, "I'm a grown up" Carefully she snuck back into her room, afraid of being caught, and having the feeling that she'd get in trouble.

She looked at the doll again, trying to figure out how it did this, when she again felt the strange twisting. She saw that the doll looked like itself again, and looking down saw that she had gone back as well. Carefully she put the doll down on the bed, afraid of it.

After a few minutes, her curiosity returned, overwhelming her fear. Carefully she picked it back up, and again stared at it. Again she felt the odd twisting through herself, and found herself looking like the doll again. She stared at the doll again, and found herself back to normal.

She changed back and forth several times, convincing herself it was safe, and making sure that it worked. She noticed that the dolls clothes became real clothes on her, and this gave her an idea. She changed the clothes on the doll, putting on some from another doll of hers. Then she changed again, and was pleased to see that the new clothes changed into real clothes on her as well.

Sandy didn't want to tell anyone about the doll. She was afraid that she'd get in trouble for having it, and they'd take the doll away from her. She didn't want that. Especially since she'd spent her own money to buy it.

That night at dinner, Sandy and Jason started fighting again. "Stop it you two" Gail snapped at them. This time it seemed that Jason was kicking Sandy under the table, but he claimed she started it by sticking her tongue out at him. Exasperated, Gail wondered if this would ever end.

Gail went back to talking to her husband William about their plans for the evening, and Jason took advantage of his parents distraction to give his sister one more kick, which started her crying again.

The phone rang, and Gail got up to answer it. Coming back a minute later, she disappointedly told William "Annie's sick and can't make it for tonight. We'll have to find another sitter" She hoped they could on such short notice since she didn't want to miss their dancing date for the night.

Hearing this, Jason proudly spoke up "I don't need a baby-sitter. I can take care of myself"

Tiredly, Gail said, "No. You're not old enough to stay home by yourself yet. Maybe in a year though."

"Why not?" Jason whined.

"NO!! That's final." Gail said, impatiently. "Besides, even if we could leave you home alone, Sandy would still need a baby-sitter"

Overhearing all this, Sandy began to have an idea.

Several hours later, Gail and William were already dressed up, and impatient to go, but Gail was getting off the phone with the ninth attempted sitter, shaking her head no again. They were about to give up and spend the night at home.

Sandy walked up to them, making a big yawn. "I'm going upstairs to play with my dolls" she told them as she began heading upstairs. Idly, Gail wondered why Sandy was telling them that, then turned back to call the tenth and last name on the list.

Getting into her room, Sandy pulled out the doll and made sure it was dressed right. Then she put it in her fanny pack, and carefully climbed out her bedroom window. Nimbly, she got onto the tree outside the window, and climbed down it. Then on the ground, making sure that no one was watching, she pulled out the doll.

Gail hung the phone up, again having no success. She was about to tell William they were going to have to stay home, when the door bell rang. Curious, she went to see who it could be. She was surprised upon opening it to see a young woman standing there. She looked around 19. She had long blonde hair, very generous breasts and a thin waist. She was dressed up in blue jeans, a T shirt and tennis shoes, none of which could hide the impressive figure in front of her.

Sandy hesitated for a moment, remembering the speech she'd planned, then talking as much like her old baby sitters as she could she said "Uh, Hi. Um, Mo... Mrs. Morris" she said, almost calling her Mom by mistake. "Annie said she was sorry she couldn't make it, and she asked me to come by and baby-sit for you" Sandy felt proud for getting it out.

Gail looked at this girl in front of her, thinking she obviously didn't seem to be very intelligent. Probably some kind of bimbo. "And, WHO are you?" she asked, not believing this.

"Oh" Sandy said, not having thought of a new name, "Wendy" remembering the dolls name.

Just then William came over to see who was at the door, and couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous young woman standing there.

Gail felt a surge of jealousy as she saw her husbands stare, then she explained why "Wendy" was there.

Again, Gail looked at this girl, thinking it would be crazy to leave her kids with some person she didn't even know. But for some reason the girl in front of her seemed familiar. She felt somehow that she wasn't any kind of threat. Then against her better judgment, and because of her desperation, she agreed to let "Wendy" babysit.

Then Gail started talking about pay, when they'd be home, the kids bedtime and several other things.

"Jason" Gail called, "come over here and meet Wendy. She'll be watching you and Sandy tonight." Jason came over, then stopped staring at "Wendy" At twelve years old, he'd just begun noticing girls, and was immediately infatuated with the one that stood at the door. "Be good, don't give Wendy any problems, and do what she says." Jason dumbly nodded.

Sandy felt thrilled. She'd fooled her parents, and even her brother. Then Gail said, "Oh yeah. I'd better introduce you to my daughter Sandy" She felt a surge of fear.

Quickly Sandy said "I'll go introduce myself" and ran upstairs. This left both Gail and William a bit curious as to how this girl seemed to know their house. Sandy hid in her room for a minute, then came back down stairs, telling them that Sandy was playing dolls and seemed sleepy so would probably go to bed early" Her parents seemed to accept this, being impatient to get going.

As they pulled out of the driveway, Sandy felt triumphant. She giggled aloud. It had worked. Now, she decided, it was time to get even with Jason for picking on her.

As Jason went to the living room to watch TV, Sandy followed, then changed the channel on him. There wasn't really anything she wanted to watch, but he'd done that enough on her that she enjoyed doing it back to him. After a little while, she got up and went to the kitchen, and made herself a sandwich, careful to leave a mess behind. When she got back to the couch, she told him to go and clean it up. He hesitated for a second, but still having a crush on her, went and cleaned it up without question.

While eating, Sandy made sure to leave a few crumbs around and a bit of a mess. Again she told Jason to clean it up. He protested saying "But you made it"

She smiled a little maliciously, then said "If you don't clean it up, I'll tell your parents that you made it" He stared at her in shock. He couldn't believe that she'd do that. Reluctantly he cleaned up her mess, which thrilled Sandy.

As the night continued, she took great delight in interrupting him whenever he started to do anything, and making him clean something up, or do something. He was beginning to dislike her and was getting angry.

Finally, Sandy couldn't think of anything else to have him do, so told Jason to go to bed. "But its not my bed time yet. Not for another hour"

"It is now that I say so" she told him. "Remember, your mom said to do what I said. If you don't, I'll tell her you were a brat, and you'll get grounded" Angrily, Jason stared at her, but knowing that she was right, he did as she said and went to bed early.

Sandy sat on the couch giggling. It felt so nice to get even with Jason.

When her parents returned, they were both in a very good mood, and Gail was slightly drunk. Sandy told them that their kids were both sleeping and had been no problem. They looked around and saw how clean the house was (courtesy of Jason) and decided she was one of the best sitters they'd had. Thankfully they paid her, and even gave her a bonus for the good job she did.

After leaving, Sandy snuck around the house, then pulled the doll out from her purse where she'd hidden it, and changed back to normal. She held the money in her hands, awed. That was the most money she'd ever had in her life. A whole $30. And it was so easy to get. And fun. As she began climbing back up the tree, she decided that she wanted to baby-sit again.

Sandy waited impatiently for another chance to baby-sit, making even Jason notice that something was up, teasing her about being in love with a boy at school. Finally a week later, she got her chance. Her parents were going out and needed a baby-sitter.

Again, Sandy pretended she was tired, then went up to her room, then snuck out several minutes later.

Gail was surprised to have Wendy show up again when they were looking for a baby-sitter. She and William were curious how she knew they needed a sitter, but were too grateful at their good luck to question it too closely.

This night went much like the last one, with Sandy bullying Jason into cleaning everything up, then sending him to bed early, knowing that his parents would believe a responsible adult over a kid like him anytime. By this time, he was beginning to really hate Wendy. After Jason went to bed, Sandy sat on the couch, feeling very excited and awake. She noticed how big her bottom was.

She'd been Wendy several times now, and seemed to be able to walk around and move without any problems, except for the first few minutes, but every once in a while, something would suddenly remind her how odd it was. How big her but was, and how much her chest stuck out. She wondered if she was going to look like this when she grew up for real.

Finally her parents returned home, and thankfully paid her. She snuck out to the back of the house and changed back. Once she was in her room she held the $35 she'd made that night, and put it with the money from the other time. She felt rich having all that money, and was trying what to spend it on, but was a little nervous of how she'd explain it to her parents. She didn't think they'd believe she had saved that much allowance at $5 a week.

Several days later, Jason was looking all over for his favorite video game, but couldn't find it. Finally he decided that Sandy took it, and burst into her room, noticing only briefly that she wasn't there. He looked around, and found it on the floor, next to her Sega Saturn. Angrily, he took the game and was about to leave, when something attracted her notice.

He saw a doll sitting at the foot of Sandy's bed. Normally one of her dolls wouldn't have interested him in the slightest, but he noticed that this one was wearing the same clothes that his baby-sitter had been wearing earlier. Looking closer, he noticed other similarities between this doll and Wendy. He wondered briefly what his sister was doing with a doll that looked like their baby-sitter.

Then he remembered that Sandy hid out in her bedroom whenever Wendy came around. Smart of her, he figured, wishing he could hide out as well. Then, leaving the doll on the bed, he left her room.

Later on, he yelled at Sandy for going into his room and taking his game without asking, conveniently forgetting that he'd also entered her room without asking.

It was two weeks later when Sandy got another chance to baby-sit. Her parents were going out to a dinner with some people her dad worked with. This time, she told them she was going over to her friend Lacey's house, and would be back before bed time. They quickly agreed, thinking how much money this would save them from paying Wendy.

After leaving her house, Sandy waited half an hour, then changed into Wendy and went back. She waved good bye to her parents, then went to work with Jason. This time, she didn't feel quite as mean, and left him alone a bit more, but still had him do a lot of cleaning and go to bed early.

After her parents got home, she told them that Sandy had gotten home all right, and went to bed. They paid her again, and she left. Carefully, she snuck out around to the back.

Angrily, Jason had refused to go to sleep. They could make him go to his room, and even get in bed, but they couldn't make him sleep. After hearing his parents return, he looked out the door, and was surprised to see Wendy sneaking around behind his house. Curiously he watched her as she went to the foot of the big tree.

She pulled something out of her purse, and suddenly Jason saw that Sandy was where Wendy had been. He watched in shock as Sandy started climbing up the tree, and disappeared from his view.

Angrily he realized that somehow, Sandy was Wendy. He also realized that she was always hiding out when Wendy was around, or so he'd thought. He'd always been kept too busy to really think about it at the time though. He didn't know how she did it, but he was determined to find out, and to get even.

Several days later, Jason waited until his Mom took Sandy with her to go shopping, leaving him home by himself for a little while since his Dad was at work. After they were gone, he walked into Sandy's room and started looking for anything unusual. He remembered that she'd held something when she changed, but was too far away to see what it was. Suddenly he remembered the odd doll, and started looking for that. He found it in one of Sandy's dresser drawers.

Pulling it out, he thought it looked just like any other doll, except that it was still dressed up in the clothes Wendy had been wearing two nights earlier. He knew it resembled Wendy, but other than that, it looked like an ordinary doll. He began to feel kind of foolish, thinking that this was responsible, and was about to put it down. Taking one last close look at it, he felt a strange wrenching inside.

Looking at the doll, he was shocked to notice that now it looked like him. Then he realized what else had changed. He nearly screamed, putting his hands to his breasts. Running to the mirror bathroom, he stared in the mirror, seeing the face of his hated baby-sitter Wendy. After several minutes, he calmed down. He realized that Sandy had been changing back and forth with it, and knew that he could turn back to normal.

He walked around the house several minutes, realizing how much his balance had changed. His legs felt so long, and his chest felt so big and kind of heavy. He thought his but stuck way out, and was huge. After making sure he could still walk around, and that he wasn't imagining things, he up to his own room.

Remembering how he thought of Wendy when she first came to the door, he curiously stripped the clothing off his body, and was amazed at how he looked. He noticed that his nipples were huge. And his privates were covered in a light blonde hair. Reaching down, he found that he had the same slit there that his sister did. Carefully, he felt one of his fingers begin to go inside, then pulled it back out quickly. That was way too odd.

Quickly, he dressed back up, then went back into Sandy's room. He picked up the doll, and stared at it concentrating, and found that it had worked. He was himself again. Cautiously, he put the doll back in the drawer he'd found it in, trying to decide exactly what he was going to do now that he knew what was going on.

Nearly a week later, Gail and William were looking for a baby-sitter again, and were just about to call Annie and see if she could make it. They wished they knew how to get hold of Wendy, but had never really thought to ask. They were surprised to get a call from Wendy around one in the afternoon, asking if they'd need a sitter soon. Gail told her that they needed a sitter that night, and to come by around six. As they hung up the phone in relief, Sandy put the phone down upstairs, smiling and quickly changing back, and sneaking out of her parents room.

Hearing that Wendy was coming over to baby-sit again that night, Jason finally decided what he was going to do. He waited until Sandy was downstairs, then snuck into her room and took the doll off the foot of her bed where she'd left it.

An hour later, Sandy was rushing everywhere looking for the doll, afraid somehow that she forgot where she put it. "Did you see my doll?" she demanded of Jason.

"What would I want with your stupid doll" He sneered at her, then smirked when she went looking for it somewhere else.

It was 6 PM finally and Sandy was really frustrated. She couldn't find her doll anywhere, and was getting really worried. The doorbell rang, and Gail went to answer it.

Sandy turned around, and stared in horror, at Wendy, who was just stepping inside the door. She couldn't believe it. How could Wendy be here? She stared with her mouth open, as Wendy said good by to her parents and they left the house.

Once they pulled out of the driveway, Wendy turned to her, with a nasty look on her face. "It looks like I'm in charge now twerp"

Sandy felt her heart thumping wildly, and fear clutching at her throat. "Jason?" she asked quietly, afraid she was right. Wendy just nodded her head. OH NO Sandy thought. She had a really bad feeling about this. How could Jason have found out?

Jason took a step towards her, making Sandy start to run. Jason caught her within a few steps thanks to his long legs, and held her by her arm. She tried to struggled, but Jason wasn't letting her go. Then Jason started spanking her. It stung and she started crying, not only from the pain, but mostly from the humiliation and feeling of helplessness.

Looking into her face, Jason snarled, "Now you get to go clean the house. You know what'll happen if you don't do what I say" Reluctantly, Sandy started cleaning, afraid Jason would spank her again.

Jason loved this. It felt so strange to be a grown up woman, with parts sticking out where they shouldn't be, and the one that should be, wasn't. He kept feeling like his butt would get jammed in the door or something, or that he'd tip over with his chest being so large. He watched amused as Sandy scampered around. Finally he was getting even. He couldn't believe what she'd done to him, and he was still angry at her. He wanted to give it back in full.

A familiar feeling hit Jason, and he realized he had to go to the bathroom. He went in, locking the door. Carefully he pulled off his pants and his panties, then sat down on the toilet. He hadn't forgotten for a moment that he was a girl right now. As much as the idea disgusted him, it also excited him. He felt the urine tinkle out between his legs into the water. It felt about the same as always. When he was done, he saw that he was a bit wet from it, and carefully started wiping it off with some toilet paper.

He was surprised, feeling how soft and sensitive his new private area was. He put his finger to his slit, and rubbed it a little, amazed. He began to feel his nipples begin to get hard and tight, then embarrassed, he pulled his panties and pants back up, and looked at himself in the mirror.

Posing a little, he thought "This is one major babe" He only wished he could date her rather than be her. He stood to the side, pushing his chest out as much as he could, and sticking his butt out. He ran his hand into his hair, and blew a kiss into the mirror. He couldn't stop thinking how hot he looked. His nipples were very hard, and he put a hand to one, and rubbed, amazed at how good that felt. He kept rubbing for a minute, feeling his groin getting wet. Then in embarrassment, he stopped. Taking another long look in the mirror, he blew himself another kiss, then left the bathroom.

Getting into the living room, he was startled to see Sandy pulling the doll out of the purse he'd stuck it in. He'd forgotten he left it there, and had left it all alone. He ran over to grab the doll away from Sandy, demanding "Give me that"

"NO. It's MINE" Sandy said, refusing to let go as Jason grabbed it. Sandy kept pulling trying to keep her doll, while Jason tried getting it back, not wanting to get stuck like that or having Sandy get control over him somehow.

They struggled over the doll for a minute, when suddenly it broke in half, and each of them fell back, dropping the doll to the ground. Jason stared in horror at the dolls upper body on the ground, while the lower body was several feet away. "Oh God" he said, suddenly very worried. He was suddenly very afraid that it couldn't be fixed, that he'd be stuck like that.

Sandy stared at the doll in shock, then nearly giggled as he saw the look on her brothers, or more accurately, Wendy's face.

Jason started to feel the strange wrenching and twisting again, relieved that he was going to change back.

Wendy Dahl bent over picking up the broken doll. Someday she was going to be a famous model she was sure. She'd even been taking beautician classes at the local college to help in that goal. She handed the broken doll to Sandy, who wiped the tears from her cheeks. "I'm sorry your doll broke" Wendy said to the little girl she was baby-sitting, "I'll get you a new one, all right" Sandy nodded up, smiling at her favorite baby sitter. She liked Wendy, thinking of her almost like a sister. Almost, but not quite. Sometimes though, she wished she weren't an only child.

The End