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Welcome to SJadult - the corresponding website to the SJadult mailinglist at eGroups.

Here you'll find some *results* of our senseless rambling and endless *get-them-together* craving about Colonel Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill and Major Dr. Samantha 'Sam' Carter from the Showtime hit show STARGATE SG1.

Please note: the title of this site says 'ADULT' - and we want it no other way. Means for you, if you're not an 'ADULT' in your respective area/country please leave this site - as we don't want to harm your innocence... :)
If you're looking for nice pictures and even more nice and well-written fan-fiction (appropriate for your age) about the very special relationship between these two characters visit the
Sam and Jack Relationship Archive (SJA). Sorry to make you go - but we really look forward to see you again when you're old enough....

So, know that the kiddies are gone - back to topic:


You'll find here fanfiction, challenges, pictures, and *other stuff* dedicated the the relationship between our beloved Colonel Jack O'Neill and his smart and wonderful 2IC Major Sam Carter - from an grown-up point of view.

" :) I suppose I'd better intro myself a bit too :) I'm Alex [duh!] but I also go by Alexandra, Lexi, and Al :) So take your pick! I've been on the S&J list since January, and I posted my first fic in February, and I'm planning on posting another to this list after this :)) Hmm... What else? As Sare has already pointed out, I'm a Kiwi, but I've just moved to London :) ... *snip*....
Other than that, I'm really happy to see all of you here! Please step forward and intro yourselves if you want. Most of us will recognise names from the many other lists we are on, I suspect :) Oh, one more thing, Flo has volunteered to be my fellow list mom, so direct all complaints to her [] and all compliments to me ;) ::winks at Flo:: Joking hun! *snip*...."

Addendum: Ann (better know as PooBear59 in the chat) joined the moderator team, to fight the evil and protect the innocent on the list. She's our third list mom now. 

If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact us.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay and we'll see you again, here or at the mailinglist.

Alexandra (Alex) (List-Mom)
Florence (Flo) (Co-List-Mom)

That's how the list started:

Message No. 1
> From: Alexandra <>
> Date: Sat Jun 3, 2000 9:56am
> Subject: A Big Welcome!

Hi all!

Well, that's impressive! So many members already and this has only
been going for a few hours :) Seems like we're all so very eager to
talk some more about our favourite couple ;)))

Anyway, as I think I've said, this list will accept fic and any form
of discussion regarding Sam and Jack. Naturally I expect that most of
the fic posted here will be of the NC17 variety - but anything
involving Sam and Jack will do!

Now, I'm new at all this, so any and all tips would be welcome! And I
apologise to those of you who had trouble finding the list or getting
in - I hope that's all sorted now!

Anyway, welcome everyone! Let the fun begin! :))))


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