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Making money from the net???

Everyone wants no more accurate to say needs more money, rising gas prices and other energy costs, trying to save any amount can seem like an insurmantable goal. But there is hope well it won't make you rich it won't make you the envy of all who surround you. But what it could do is put an extra $25-100 in your pocket a month. Which can offset some of those rising prices or go toward a college tutition fund for your children or pay for a family night out with out breaking the budget already in existance. So what is this marvelous invention or idea and how much is it going to cost you, you ask skepiticly. Well its not an it its a them or is it they and best of all they are all free. Its really simple don's soda pays xxyzx cable station to run an ad durring your favorite show you watch cable station get paid if don's soda is lucky u will remember the ad and pick thier product over all the compitition next time you are at the store.

Now on the internet you are surfing hitting myspace whatever and everywhere u go u are earning someone else money. How you ask the ads its not a lot but thousands of people a day adds up. Now there are internet marketers out there that want you to see their ads too. So the go to one of the they and get good cheap advertising. Hmmmm what is so special about these sites? Well they need viewers for ads and one way to get them is called incentified advertising.

Basically Incentive Advertising works like this i want to advertise my site to 1000 people I pay a site $5 lets say. They take thier listing fees to cover expenses and hopefully profit. The rest is the incentive divided as each sites business model dictates and passed down the line to guess who us the viewers. Now like i said this isn't even a penny for said ad, actually more likely $.001. But thats okay actually its pretty good.

Step 2 PTR pay to read is more advanced these adds have a preface page letting advidtiser explain why the site is so good with a counter usually but not always. Once counter expires click view ad for credit.

Step 3 paid to promote like i said earlier these sites need viewers. One way to get them is having you a) refer your friends and pay you a commision for sign ups or percentage of thier income or both or b) having a special promote page for use on surf sites that makes you money. Again amount earned varies by site and business model. But some examples are $0.90 per 1000 all the way down to $0.25 per 1000 credits. Which adds up. There is 1 slight problem Tiers certian countries are worth more then others, America Canada UK are tier 1 usually so if you do decide to use ptp features i recommend finding "geographic tergeted advertising". Big term for well country specific advetising.but wait why go search when i can just show u the three or four i use.

Step 4 and very optional and not one i use to often. Upgrading somesites well most offer upgraded member packages which may include as benifits: more ads, higher referal income faster pay out lower payouts free advertising ect again and as always varies by business model. Now for me why should i pay u to pay me faster, or pay u so i can earn more per click, ect. So sometimes I have to wait longer to get paid oh well. There are 2 exceptions to this for me sites I have big downlines in atm there are none and surf sites that allow more pages to advertise for upgrade. I E site normally offer 5 ad slots for PTP pages and upgrading gets you 20 more depending on cost of upgrade I would conciser this.

okay now u got the basics of how these sites work.

Some Notes payment for most sites are made through Alertpay,paypal or check. See helpful links page. Also note good anti virus and good spyware/malware programs are strongly recommended. Most web masters are good honest people trying to run good clean sites. But occasionaly someone gets something past them better safe then sorry. I also recommend if joining a great many sites a program called roboform. Makes filling out sign ups easier and keeps track of passwords and sites securely. Final note on passwords don't use same password over and over.

Any way thank you for your time hope u learned something and earn from it in the future,

your Friend Don aka Vanyel or silvershard