Methos' Shield Bearer

I have been called angel, elf and alien. I flew with dragons in primal chaos. I am a creature of the stars on Earth. I was sent to Earth to be a guardian of men, and then I met him. He was life and wisdom to me. To men he was Death. He gave me his shield Ananta when he tired of death. I bear the ancient shield once gifted to him. I hold Ananta for him just as the Lady of the Lake holds Excalibur for Arthur. Dragons aid me in my guarding of it. When Methos left me, and what he had been behind he did not leave me alone. He left me with another warrior Immortal. He left me with the Roman general Marcus Constantine. Marcus had great need of me then. He has less need of me now. I am not lonely. Without him I found others to comfort and entertain. I met vampires, young, and old, and hungry. I fell in love with Kevin Spacey. I am Marcus' Guardian and Methos', I bear Ananta, I give shelter and sustenance to creatures of the night and I love Kevin Spacey I am Rebecca.

Maybe I yaammm crazy!!
But I do tinker with pictures, and scribble down my thoughts when I can get out of my straight jacket.
Not the straight jacket again!!

These are some of the guardians of Ananta.


These are some of the night creatures I feed.

This is the man I love,

and this is the muse.

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