My Scribblings

This is my archive of all the things I've written -- explanations, opinions, fan, and original fiction.  I've also archived a gift I got from a friend. The explanations are first, opinions second, and fic third.  Most of the fiction is unbeta'd.  I got tired of sitting on fic because I wasn't getting it beta'd.  Besides I didn't think it was fair to keep the fiction from people that would enjoy it even unbeta'd.  The fic is rated, and each story has it's rating and a summary listed.  If you're underage, or don't enjoy sex and/or violence don't read the adult fiction.

Updated May 20, 2006 - Highlander: The Series Quick Guide.  Comments may be mailed to me or left in my guestbook.

My Explanations

Allow Me To Introduce Myselves - An explanation of the fictional versions of myself.
Primer to My View of FK Vampires - An explanation of how I view Forever Knight vampires.
Why John - An explanation of why John Grant is my favorite Profiler character.

My Opinions

Highlander: The Series - A fantasy adventure series that ran from '92 to '98.
Profiler- A psychological thriller series that ran from '96 to '00.
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter - A series of horror books begun in '93 with Guilty Pleasures. Don't read beyond Obsidian Butterfly, originally published in '00. You've been warned.
Buffy/Angel- 2 action horror series. Buffy ran from '97 to '03, Angel from '99 to '04.
The A-Team - A comedy action series that ran from '83 to '87.

My Fanfic

Normal Highlander Timeline
My Child - PG  TJ needs to learn things her mentor can't teach her.
Can't Sleep Anymore - PG-13  Grayson's been dead over 3 years, and TJ's still haunted by him.
Broken Glass - PG  Methos helps TJ pick up the pieces.

Highlander/Cadfael X-Over
Starting Over Pt. One - PG-13 TJ keeps a meeting with Duncan MacLeod.

The Light In the Dark Timeline
The Light Endures - PG  Darius comes off of Holy Ground to face Grayson.
Chasing Shadows - NC-17  TJ follows an Old One for Grayson.
No Shower - NC-17  Grayson and TJ with a little free time.
A Brand New Day - NC-17  Grayson, TJ, and Methos celebrate the end of Horton and his Hunters, and Kronos and his virus.
Anniversaries- PG  In Paris to mark one anniversary Grayson is reminded about another.

The Nightmare Timeline
The End, The Beginning - G Ceri welcomes Kronos home.

The Dragon Courts
A Golden Lesson - NC-17 Methos learns about more than fencing in the Dragon Courts.


Profiler/Anitaverse X-Over
Playing With Fire Pt. One - PG-13 Dolph asks Bailey for help, and Bailey gets it.
Playing With Fire Pt. Two - PG-13 Becca learns a few things in Atlanta.
Playing With Fire Pt. Three - PG-13 Becca lands in St Louis and gets a lead from Jean-Claude.
Playing With Fire Pt. Four - PG-13 John's in the hospital and Becca blames herself.
Playing With Fire Pt. Five - PG-13 Becca looks at the Daniels' house alone.
Playing With Fire Pt. Six - PG-13 Becca goes back into the warehouse.
Playing With Fire Pt. Seven - PG-13 John and Becca talk.
Playing With Fire Pt. Eight - PG-13 Becca has a plan to stop the killer.
Playing With Fire Pt. Nine - PG-13 The killer is captured at last.
Heart's Blood - PG-13 Becca explains falling in love is always scary.
True Colors - R John watches Becca fly.
White Sand - R John and Becca enjoy the last of their vacation.
Lightning Crashes Pt. One - PG-13 David Morgan comes to teach John magic.
Lightning Crashes Pt. Two - PG-13 David visits the cabin.
Candlelight- PG John makes Becca an offer, and she makes one of her own.
Now and Forever Pt. One - PG Bailey tells Asher of John and Becca's engagement.
Now and Forever Pt. Two - PG John and Becca give blood.
I'll Be Home For Christmas - PG John is snowed in in Chicago.
Scar Tissue - R John and Becca celebrate an anniversary.

By the Pale Moonlight Pt. One - PG-13 Megan wakes up in the ruins of Dr. Salome Wright's lab.


A-Team/Forever Knight X-Over
Feeling Peckish Pt. One - PG Lori takes Face to her house.
Feeling Peckish Pt. Two - PG Lori lets Face into her home.
Feeling Peckish Pt. Three - PG-13 Lori helps Face remember.
Feeling Peckish Pt. Four - PG-13 Lori bites Face.
Feeling Peckish Pt. Five - PG-13 Vachon worries.
Burning Bridges and The Thank You - PG-13  Face finds his way back to Lori years after their break up, and the end of the A-Team.

Poltergeist: The Legacy

Poltergeist: The Legacy/Bedlam's Bard
Lost & Found: Prologue - PG Michele and Terenil's Awakening doesn't go unnoticed.

A Game of Pin The Tail - NC-17  Magneto learns what The Dragon Goddess wants of him.

X-Men/Sailor Moon
When It Rains It Pours Pt. One - PG Darien rescues a stranger.
When It Rains It Pours Pt. Two - PG Darien finds an old friend.

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
A Kiss Can Be a Fatal Thing Pt. One - PG  Phileas wakes up in the Phoenix 140 years out of place.
A Kiss Can Be a Fatal Thing Pt. Two- PG  Phileas is safe with Becca, and Jazz but for how long?

SAJV/Highlander X-Over
A Kiss Can Be a Fatal Thing Pt. Three-  PG-13   Death, magic, and time travel, and Methos' day is just starting.

Original Fiction

Firelight- NC-17  Jazz gets Becca alone in front of a roaring fire.
When We Come To It - PG-13  Lily makes a choice for herself and the future.
Down the River - PG  Sarah and Thomas at the end of a case.