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"Slasher" Class Beam Frigate

The Slasher Beam Frigate is a rather modern design. Commissioned shortly before the Terran-Fraal war to serve as heavy support for a fraction of the cost of the Andorian destroyers. They performed this role well, using less men, resources, and credits then the heavier destroyers. They quickly became a favorite among the captains of the SSC. After the war, their role became increasingly important. The designs were sold to several independant worlds by the SSC after the breakup of the GC, in hopes of regaining some of their losses after the war. The frigate is best when coupled with a Carter class assault frigate. Sporting two heavy matter beams, the beam frigate is capable of taking on ships larger then it with ease. The frigate, while weak individually, can be devestating when it is well protected by lighter fire.