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Ships and Stations By Size

Ships and Stations by Faction

"Porcupine" Class Missile Destroyer

The Porcupine Class Missile Destroyer was one of the first destroyers to roll off of the assebly lines of the Jurai shipyards when they first opened. Crafted of the finest materials available at the time, they were very effective and destroying large numbers of targets, such as the lighter pirate vessels which plagued the borders of Terran space. Commissioned exclusively for the SSC, it was soon replaced by the Andorian Class Destroyer, whos lack of a magazine, made it the more economical choice. There are still a few of these ships in operation under the SSC, but most were sold to private organizations after their usefullness faded into the background. These warships are still quite formidable, but not alone. They sport the capability of firing two full flights of missiles before exhausting their immediate capabilities. They do however have several fabrication facilities on board which allow them to replentish their stock of missiles gradually. Their missiles being their only armament, they are quite defenseless on their own, which was a contributing factor to their lack of use today.