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Ships and Stations By Size

Ships and Stations by Faction

"Excaliber" Class Battleship

The "Excaliber" Class Battleship is a known to be employed by the Kindred pirate clan, as they are the only clan with a shipyard large enough to support such a massive construction project. The design was created to provide extremely heavy fire support against any fleet which might attempt to invade their space. It sports several heavy plasma cannons in quad-mounts on turrets situated along the spine of the ship. A battery of matter beams is mounted on the nose of the ship as well. If this wasn't enough, this vessel also carries a fusion bore mounted in the forward line of fire, thus creating a devestating amount of firepower in the forward arc. The ships defenses are no less formidable. Covering the entire hull of the ship is a extra thick layer of Nuetronite armor plating. The Excaliber is equipped with a jamming device as well as a compliment of point defense guns which cover every arc of the ship, it is virtually impervious to missile fire. Should the ship ever be damaged a combination of repair bots and a fabrication facility allow for a quick recovery time. It is known that the Excaliber class battleships are equipped with a jump engine, which allows for the quick entrance and exit from a system. The ship is also quite fast for its size, making this ship perfect for use by pirates. There are only two known Excaliber class battleships in exsistance, so their role is mainly for support and as a command ship.