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Ships and Stations By Size

Ships and Stations by Faction

"Carter" Class Assault Frigate

The Carter class assault frigate is one of the most widely used ships in the SSC military. It is an excellant fighter screen, while remaining relatively unhindered by fighter swarms. It was commissioned shortly after the Andorian destroyer was put into service. The SSC needed to find a middle ground between the Reaver Corvette, and the Andorian Destroyer. This was the answer to their prayers. It sports four rapid fire plasma cannon turrents, mounted in a forward arc, as well as several plasma bomb racks. The addition of the bomb racks allowed the frigate to deal some damage to capital ships while it destroyed incoming fighters. When paired with the Slasher beam frigates, it was even more effective. This design was sold by the SSC along with the Slasher designs to several independant worlds. It is now a common sight among pirates and mercenary groups.