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Ships and Stations By Size

Ships and Stations by Faction

"Ares" Class Fleet Carrier

The "Ares" Class Fleet Carrier uses a similar hull design to the "Excaliber" Class Battleship, and the Excaliber is actually a design refined from this one. Its appearance on the galactic scene is a relatively recent one. Designed and built by the Kindred pirate clan it is not known how many of these ships are in exsistance. It was first seen during the assault where the Kindred stole an SSC space yard. These carriers carry a compliment of 80 Hellstorm Interceptors, as well any 16 Raptor Bombers, Fireblade Strike Fighters, or Packrat Tugs. The carrier is lightly armed, with 2 rapid fire plasma cannon turrets and a fusion beam turret on the port and starboard sections, giving good firepower in the fore and aft arcs of fire. Their primary role is as a support ship for the large compliment of fighters it carriers, and as command ships for any continuous assault.