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Ships and Stations By Size

Ships and Stations by Faction

"Andorian" Class Destroyer

The Andorian Destroyer is another design that is widely used throughout Terran space. Designed by the SSC to patrol the borders along the Andorian asteroid field, it proved to be remarkably well suited to its role. Because of the massive engines of this ship, it is capable of attaining high speeds to run down pirates and other agressors. It was quickly accepted as the mainstay of the SSC fleet due to its relativly cheap cost and effectiveness. It sports 4 rapid fire plasma cannon turrets for anti-fighter defense, as well as two heavy plasma beams mounted in the forward arc to allow it to engage ships its own size. The destroyer also carries a sophisticated defense network that allows it to protect itself from missiles and mine patterns. The network is also effective at taking out small meteors before they can cause damage to the ship itself.