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Imagine a man, who is not a man. Born among mortals in a time long forgotten. Lost among gods in a time best forgotten.

A God among men, a threat among Gods, a Cataclysm among threats.

Rejected by his followers, and cast down by his peers, a shadow he became, with nothing left to him but his sanity, that held by sheer will alone.

Lost among a world he could no longer control, his power stripped, his knowledge lost, his home destroyed, and his family deserted, he began to wander, searching for all that was lost to him.

He wandered long, and he wandered far, his quest for his lost life forcing him across plain and desert, mountain and swamp, his hatred for men and Gods driving him onward. He would retake his power, and his position once more.

Slowly, he regained some of his knowledge, and with it some of his power. Forcing himself onward, he took back the knowledge stolen from him so long ago. Though his quest was far from over.

He returned to his valley to find it in ruins, overrun by daemons most foul. Anger welling in him, he rained a fiery destruction upon them, shattering their lives as his had been shattered, driving them back into the Hellish Nightmares they had crawled out of. Though he home was befouled, he was not discouraged, and pushed onward, rebuilding his valley to its former splendor.

He rebuilt his home, and entered his halls at last, to find they had not been touched by the demonic influence. His heart leaping at the step he had taken to exacting his revenge on the Pantheon which had cast him down, and the mortal world which had cast him out. His studies drove him onward, reacquiring vast amounts of knowledge lost so long ago.

In the midst of his struggle, he had taken a slave, an exquisite girl by the name of Noelle. He had taken her in hopes she would be able to comfort him somewhat. She however, did more, softening his heart some with her quiet devotion.