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The year is 2320 AD. The human race has finally come to a grim realization; they are not the most powerful beings ever to have exsisted. Virtually destroyed by a war they had no hope of winning, the human race has been crushed by a bitter defeat. The once titanic Terran Empire no longer exsists, and all that remains of them is a corrupt police force bent on reclaiming the glory of the former empire. Powerful narcotics circulate widely, but none so powerful as that of the drug Suunium. Completely controled by a huge crime syndicate, the drug is distributed throughout a disheartened empire. Pirate clans rampage along the borders of Terran space, preying on any ships unfortunate enough to encounter them. The other races who once relied on the powerful Terran government now flock to the feet of the race that defeated them, the Fraal Imperium. And in the far corner of the galaxy a frightening shadow looms, the Skrei, a very secretive and very powerful ancient race with unknown intentions. The galaxy is truely a frightening place.

This campaign is my contribution to the Alternity world. Anyone can use my campaign or portions thereof anywhere that they like, I only ask that I am given credit for any information from this site that is genuinely mine (any ideas supplied by others I'll have credit for that listed on my pages as things come in).