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kajira to Dakkon-reserved

kaliana is beauty to behold. Eyes of shining blue, and hair of cascading gold, her form is breathtaking. This was what first drew Dakkon to her...this and something He saw in her eyes, a slight spark. He knew the moment that He saw her that He had to have this girl. She was frightened and alone, running from slavers, Dakkon took her in, and fed her...but before she realized what had happened, He had enslaved her.

She fought against Him for a time, though it was a battle she could not win. Slowly, as He demoralized her mind, and fed her passions she began to accept that she could not escape. After a time she began to have feelings for Him, which kept her by his side. One night she fled when she and her Master were attacked on the road home. She spent several months, living on her own. She saw the world around her, and knew of no way to return to her original home. So she returned to Dakkon, and her feelings were only greater. She knew she loved Him, and she once more accepted that she was destined to live her life with Him, serving Him, and she no longer resisted His wishes, taking pleasure in her service.

Only recently, when Dakkon at last marked her flesh with His House crest, did she finally relent to the feelings she had. When she saw her body so marked by Him she knew that she was His, and all of her, body, mind, and heart, belonged only to Him...

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