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Terran Factions

Galactic Council

The Galactic Council rules over the large Terran empire before itís collapse. The GC ruled the empire fairly until the end of its existence. Near the end of its days the Council began to lose control over its systems. Their defense forces began to waver during the Fraal-Terran war. This loss of forces allowed other systems seeking more power to break away from the Council without having to finance militaryrevolutions. As system after system broke away from the Council, it eventually collapsed as it tried to keep its grip on the systems that remained under its control. Their defense force, the SSC was left to loosely patrol the core systems.

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System Security Council

The SSC was the GCís primary defense force. Boasting an impressive strength before the Fraal-Terran war, it is now but a shadow of its former self. Many of its cyborg soldiers abandoned the force after the collapse of the GC. Combined with their losses during the war, the SSC is little more then a joke among the Independent worlds. Most systems rely on mercenary forces for protection from pirates and other hostiles.

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Pirate Clans

The pirates of Terran space are one of the most powerful forces in the former Terran empire. They run rampant among the Independent worlds, though steering clear of the core worlds. The only forces that have had any luck fighting against the pirate bands are the mercenaries under the employ of the Suunian Crime Syndicate. The pirates are made up of three distinct bands: the Kindred, the Jincilla, and the Papograd. The three are constantly fighting amongst one another as well as making raids on the Independent worlds. The Kindred are the only clan with a known base of operations, a ship construction station that was stolen from the SSC during a daring raid on the outer core worlds. The clans individually are not strong enough to do much damage, however, if they were ever to organize they would pose a significant threat to the SSC and Syndicate controlled space.

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Suunian Crime Syndicate

The Suunian Crime Syndicate are an organization based out of Suuna. Their primary income is generated through the production and distribution of Suunium, a powerful narcotic. Formed after the collapse of the GC, the Syndicate became a powerful influence among the people of Terran space. Their product spread rapidly among the Independent and core worlds, the use of Suunium greatly increased by the downtrodden populace seeking an escape.

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The Nexus

Nexus was the Galactic Councilís most powerful artificial intelligence. When it foresaw the downfall of the Council, Nexus began to consolidate its power and influence. Gathering all of the AIs and cybrids under its influence, Nexus fled Terran space after the collapse of the Council. Settling on the uninhabited worlds, Nexus created bio-toxins and wiped out all of the life that could be found. As Nexus began to build up its power base on the uninhabited worlds, it was also slowly merging with the other AIs and the cybrids to create a hive-like mind. As Nexus built factories and researched new technologies it began to form its own empire, claiming as many uninhabited planets as it could, reaping them of their resources. Finally completing the merging with the other AIs, Nexus began mass production of weapons of war to protect itself. Ships under the control of individual AIs and manned by cybrids, Nexus began to claim an empire for itself.

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