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System Security Council

The SSC was formed shortly after the human race began to expand out into the galaxy. Their original role was that of a police force. With the latest technology at their fingertips and the best ships they were able to accomplish their role very easily. When contact with other species was made their role changed quite a bit. Now they became a military organization, in every aspect. Their ships went from being patrol ships, to warships, and covert intelligence was soon established. Their recruits became better trained and more specialized. They also began to establish seperate classifications for their recruits. Some became infantry, special ops, pilots, or weapons officers.

Slowly the SSC became the war machine of the Galactic Council. While their official title was 'a peacekeeping force' their true purpose was made very clear. Their warships bristled with weapons, and truely were flying fortresses. Where they once sought to provide the civilians with security they now were only there to inspire fear in their enemies as well as their own citizens. This was a major step to their later corruption.

When contact with the Mechalus was first made, and the cyber technology was aquired from them, the SSC wasted no time in putting it towards its own purposes. They began to implant cyber tech in their ground soldiers first, to make them more suited to extended periods of fighter. Next they began to implement mind altering chips into their fighter pilots, using reflex circuits and speed chips to make them able to react faster in combat. While this was effective at first, cykosis began to set in soon after. While in the Mechalus it was a very rare thing, in the humans it happened nearly constantly. Little did the SSC know with all the enhancements they were adding to their soldiers it was slowly driving them mad. Before anything could be done, an altered commander in charge of a piddling border defense fleet sparked the Terran-Fraal war.

After the SSC had been thoroughly crushed and the Fraal left Terran space, the SSC siezed control over the devestated Terran empire. Shortly after it began to implant control chips in the soldiers afflicted by the cykosis. The control chips solved some of the problems, but the soldiers are still twisted versions of their former self. They are very aggressive and take much more pleasure in the death and suffering of others then they should. While they might not go against direct orders, they are much less likely of providing assistance to anyone who is in trouble.

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