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Suunian Crime Syndicate

The Suunian Crime Syndicate came into being shortly after the downfall of the Galactic Council. When the survey missions for the GC found the planet Suuna, they soon discovered that when the atmosphere of the planet came into contact with water, it created a potent narcotic they dubbed Suunium. When they found out what the atmosphere was capable of doing, they GC ordered the planet secured and placed under constant watch, to ensure that the atmosphere could not be used to create a drug empire. Unfortunately when the GC collapsed the planet was abandoned, and it was left to carry out its exsistance.

That is until a questionable Asian business somehow obtained the ownership of the planet. Immediately they began setting up extraction colonies on the planet. The largest of these colonies was Suuna city, a huge domed living space and factory to produce and refine the Suunium. The collapse of the GC also proved to be the perfect market for their product. With the human race disheartened recovering from a massive economic, political, and moral blow without guidance from a unifying government gave the SCS an open market to push its drugs.

With the influx of profits from their drug business the SCS became a very mafia-like organization, exploiting those under its control, and influencing those that weren't by threats and offers of protection from the increasing pirate raids. While the SCS flourished, it was building up a very strong military force, and is currently the second strongest single force in Terran space.

The SCS is currently owned and run by the Yoshimiro family. The company is run by Tasaki Yoshimiro and his son Tetsuo Yoshimiro.

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