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Pirate Clans
The pirate clans control a good portion of the uninhabited areas within Terran space. Often the clans themselves are composed of several different fleets which will patrol their space and raid any ships which they come into contact with. The most agressive of these clans is the Jincillia, who often will practically destroy the vessels they attack, and refuse to take prisoners. The Kindred are the least agressive of the pirate clans, and have as of yet only attacked military targets. The Papograd will attack any target, but take prisoners, however they will kill anyone who resists them.

Kindred Pirate Clan

The Kindred Pirate Clan claim the area closest to SCS controlled space. Their targets often are SCS transports and military ships, they have also been known to make incursions into the core worlds to strike at SSC targets, often covertly. The leader of the Kindred Pirate Clan is unknown. The Clan operates from a command carrier which hides within the debris of the Andorian asteroid belt. The Kindred will attack with combined forces of frigates and fighters, occasionally lead by a destroyer group (two combat destroyers and a missle destroyer). The Kindred are capable of building ships as large as fleet carriers with the shipyard station stolen from SSC control.

Jincillia Pirate Clan

The Jincillia Pirate Clan is the most vicious of the pirate clans. They will attack anything that ventures into their territory. It is said their members are the remnants of various SSC prison ships that disappeared on the outskirts of the core systems. The Jincillia have no claimed territory, they are very nomadic, and may come out of any jumpgate in any system, though they tend to avoid the major systems or those around them. The Jincillia are believed to have cloaking technology, though it has not been confired. The Jincillia prefer to attack coming from a jumpgate with several squadrons of fighters. They are the only pirate clan who will use high-yeild nuclear warheads on their missles, which makes them very dangerous when combined with their unpredictability.. They have no known base of operations, but it is obvious that they are storing their stolen cargo and ships somewhere. It is not known who is the leader of the Jincillia.

Papograd Pirate Clan

The Papograd are typical pirates. They will prey on any ships that venture into their territories, but will not venture out into populated space. Much of their agression is concentrated around the Mechalus borders and the area of space between the Rigel system and the Lanu system. They prefer to attack with small groups of fighters to disable ships, then they will bring in towing fighters to take the ships into the uninhabited systems. Their base of operations is believed to be a pirate controled space station call Pirates' Cove. Pirates' Cove is also a station where all of the pirate clans are allowed to enter and leave freely. It is believe that the station is where the pirates will sell most of their cargo. The leader of the Papograd Pirate Clan is known to be a man called Janus McFarn, a boisterous Irishman who is rather good natured, but quite a ruthless pirate.

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