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Miscellaneous Factions

T'sa Cluster

The T'sa are a people who pride themselves on their individuality. Upon meeting the Galactic Council the T'sa welcomed them with open arms, but flatly refused the offer to join the rapidly expanding Terran empire. When the Terran-Fraal war broke out the T'sa remained neutral. They did not allow any incursions into their space, but would offer assistance to any damaged vessel or life pod from a destroyed ship that approached with weapons and defenses powered down. Any ship that demanded assistance or tried to force the issue was met with deadly force. The T'sa are also master ship builders, and were often requisitioned to perform construction jobs by independant civilians. The T'sa would not offer their services to design or construct military vessels. They primarily built only Explorer and Trader class vessels.

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The Mechalus are relatively new to Terran Space, having arrived on thousands of mismatched ships from a distant star system. They humbly asked the GC for refuge and a star system they could call their own. The GC agreed if the Mechalus would transfer their cybernetic technology for the GC to study and integrate into their society.The Mechalus happily agreed, eager to spread their beliefs to anyone who would accept them. The GC gave the Mechalus a star system with several planets that the GC deemed ďUnfit for colonization.Ē The Mechalus, however did something very unexpected. In a few short years they had completely terraformed all of the planets in the system, and had set up several colonies using raw materials from many of their ships.

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Weren & Seshayen

The Weren and Seshayen play very little part in the galaxy around them. They mostly prefer to stay on their own planets, and trade occasionally for resources. There have been a few sightings of Werens and Seshayens out in the galaxy, often in the hire of merchants as bodyguards.

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The Skrei are very elusive within the galaxy. They prefer to keep a low profile and very rarely trade unless someone has something they want and they canít steal it. The Fraal donít trust them, and they are virtually unheard of in Terran space. Because the Terrans have not ventured far into Fraal space there are very few humans who even know the Skrei exist. The Fraal believe that their presence often spells grave misfortune, however.

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