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Imperial House

The Imperial House runs the day to day affairs of the Imperium. They control the military forces and they head up the meetings of the Great and Minor Houses. Based on the homeworld of Kel'tah, the Imperial House resides in a lavish palace, which no known human has laid eyes upon. The current ruler of the Imperial House is High Priest Teh'ron.

The Imperial House was established by Jinn, one of the Fraal's most revered gods. Jinn was supposedly one of the creator gods, the only one who would come down from the heavens to heal the wounds of the terrible war before the forming of the Imperium. It is said he was the god who gave the Fraal people the gift of telepathy.

The Imperial House is rarely challenged by the other Houses because of the religious significance in their position. The Fraal believe that the leader of the Imperial House has a portion of Jinn within them, giving them enhanced telepathic abilities and able to inspire even the most downtrodden troups. (This is actually accomplished by the crown worn by the High Priest. The benefits of the crown do not fade quickly and a leader has never been deposed, so the Fraal have never discovered the crown is the source of these enhanced abilities.)

The military might of the Imperial House is considerable. They have some of the best trained warriors in the galaxy, and their technology is only surpassed by that of the Skrei (which makes the Fraal a bit nervous).

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