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Galactic Council
The Galactic Council was the government of Earth and all of its colonies and outposts. It ruled with the iron hand and the velvet glove. While in most aspects the government began with enough promise. Unfortunately the GC became more and more corrupt as the centuries passed. They became smug in their position, and arrogant when they saw the human race was expanding so rapidly with such success, whereas the Mechalus and the T'sa did not seek to become as powerful as they were.

In the beginning, after the war that nearly destroyed the human race, the Galactic Council served the people well, with science and technology. As the human race prospered the scientists who had created such a promising government had long since been dead, and their childrens' childrens' children now ruled over the powerful empire. When they saw how strong the human race had become they became overconfident in their abilities. Their first encounter with this arrogance was when they established contact with the T'sa. They put tremedous pressure on the T'sa Cluster to join the rapidly growing Terran empire. The leaders of the GC thought that no one could refuse them, fortunately it did not errupt into a violent war, which it could have easily.

The second event served as only to boost their superiority complex. Upon the first contact with the Mechalus the GC demanded that the Mechalus join them, or they would not be allow sanctuary, and even when the Mechalus agreed, they demanded that they surrender their cybernetics technology. The Mechalus once more agreed, but not because of the demands of the Galactic Council.

Finally the next event was their undoing. The colony worlds of Earth were becoming restless, as the SSC began to behave a bit more irratic and aggressive. When first contact was made with the Fraal, it was not in the form of an ambassadorial envoy, but in the form of an SSC military defense fleet. The fleet came upon a diplomatic envoy from the Fraal Imperium seeking to establish relations with the humans. When the Fraal envoy came into contact with the fleet, the massive energy signitures from the hulls of the Fraal ships registered on the fleets' sensors as weapons hot. The commander ordered a premptive strike and wiped out the envoy. The fleet retreated before the Fraal could send in reinforcements, and so began the Terran-Fraal war.

Once the Fraal had crushed the much less advanced SSC armada, the Fraal left Terran space without a word. The many colonies of the Galactic Council broke free from their Earth-based government and the GC began to crumble from the inside, and before the pieces could be saved, the government was overthrown on the core worlds. The SSC moving quickly was able to maintain their control within the core systems, but due to their lack of manpower they were forced to refrain from retaking the worlds that had broken away.

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